If you live in the UK, this is the time of the year when big bikes suddenly appear on the roads, as the start of the summer signals the bike tourers it’s time to get the beast out of the garage and prepare for some great adventures. While there are some die-hard bikers who ride all year, the majority are summer riders and who could blame them?

Here are four good reasons to join the two-wheel brigade as we move into summer 2021.

  1. The Thrill of the Speed – If you have yet to sit astride a Honda CB900RR, this is an experience unlike no other. Of course, one has to be very careful with that awesome 100hp at your wrist and never exceed the speed limits; short bursts on open roads are addictive! If you look at the physics, a bike weighs much less than a car and with fat tyres and lots of power, acceleration is optimum. You can’t jump on a superbike if you have no riding experience, start with a 125cc, which are great fun and after a couple of years and a few tests, you can hold the coveted Class A licence that allows you to ride all bikes.
  2. Cheap Travel – Park the car in the garage and only use it for special occasions, take your bike everywhere and watch your fuel costs drop like a stone! Parking is never an issue with a bike and servicing is cheap and that extra money would sure come in handy. Check out the amazing deals at Wheels Honda, a leading dealer of new and used motorcycles at very affordable prices. There are several styles; the sports bike, the sports-tourer, the naked engine and the off-road machines.
  3. Freedom and Independence – Touring on a motorcycle offers a very cheap holiday, especially if you combine your biking with camping. Those hot Bank Holiday weekends can be sent in some of the beautiful regions of the UK and with campsites everywhere, you can book your pitch online and head off on a Friday evening, to return late on Sunday. If you are into motorsports, you can watch the MotoGP and the F1 race and there are some awesome music festivals where you can camp. Many young couples make the best use of their touring bike during the British summer and you can plan your expeditions online and enjoy the great British countryside. Life is all about experiences, as this blog so rightly points out.
  4. Beat the Rush Hour Traffic – We all know how frustrating the rush hour can be and with a bike, you will be at work before you know it and this is really handy when you are late for work. When the cars are waiting at the lights in a long queue, you can ride to the front, ready to get away when the green light finally comes.
  5. The Pleasure of Bike Riding – If you have yet to experience riding a motorcycle, book a test ride on a small bike and see why so many people choose to ride rather than drive. Most riders become addicted and can’t wait for the summer to arrive, when they can take the bike out of storage.

You should first find out what size bike you can ride on your current driving licence and with a Google search, you can be viewing great bikes and choose your ideal machine to explore the countryside. Make sure that you have all the protective clothing and gear before you take to the road (the bike dealer sells motorcycle clothing and accessories, so you can get everything in a single shop) and with a basic course in motorcycle riding, you are ready to explore the great British outdoors.