The popular YouTube channel, Lofi Girl, has been permanently deleted from the platform, including the ones it had previously launched non-stop for a period of two years, four months and eighteen and a half days.

False copyright claims are one of the most harmful hexes confronting YouTube influencers and channel owners.

The channel was broadcasting animations of a girl while she was studying at her desk and listening to music through headphones, while her cat appeared behind her from the window, and the scene continued as well, with the aim of relaxing, whether during study or even work.

Despite the fact that there are over 10.7 million subscribers on the famous channel, YouTube was not deterred in removing it, owing to copyright and printing rights infractions, which adds to the difficulties of its influencers and channel operators.

Channel creators on YouTube are aware of the risks that the platform’s copyright system may cause, which may lead to copyright blocking, if any complaint is lodged, and YouTube, according to its laws, can prevent influencers and content creators from monetizing their videos, YouTube prevented them from collecting their advertising revenue and getting it taken over by the YouTube administration itself, which has been described as the demonic nature of the world’s most famous video platform.

Some may wonder about the extent of the seriousness of the objections submitted and dealing with them. The YouTube administration is already dealing with the objections seriously, and the administration is supposed to deal strictly with all those who submit false reports, but these reports are still repeated without any solution.

After the famous channel, which has been taken down from its YouTube account since last Sunday, moved to the Twitter platform to explain to its followers what had occurred with it and promise that the problem would be quickly resolved and the complaint submitted so that the channel may be reinstated.

Through the tweet, the channel showed a screenshot of the suspension notice, in which it appeared that the false copyright violation was committed through a music company located in Malaysia, so that the YouTube administration responded to the channel’s tweet the day after its removal, and apologized to its owners, and confirms that the claims made It was submitted in violation of copyright and the copyright against the channel was false and presented incorrectly, and promised to remedy what happened.

Despite the fact that YouTube’s flaws have no logical reasons, they cause many problems and the removal of some channels despite the lack of any valid justifications, which necessitates a solution to check and validate notifications before deleting channels that may be detrimental to content producers and channel owners.