2019 has been a year of innovation. Through social media and different runway shows, hundreds of new nail trends have been showcased. Here is a look at the top nail trends currently being showcased. 

Rainbow Pastels 

Rainbow pastel shades are popular because they combine several different shades. Popular colors include blue, pink, and purple. 


Tie-dye shades have become popular, as the arts and craft style has become fashionable again. Tie-dye shades are a great accessory that goes well with different shirts, pants, and sweaters. 

Neutral Shades 

Neutral shades are appealing because of their versatility. Some popular neutral shades include shimmery blue purple, sweet candy pink, pastel blue, and java brown. 


The Rhinestone shade is seen as more of a spring type shade. For extra style, many people are combining rhinestones and cuticle art into a unique look. 

Press-On Stickers 

Press-on stickers are becoming more appealing. The stickers are glossed over with nail polish. There are so many different combinations to choose from. 

Petal Nails 

Petal nails are one of the more sophisticated trends on the market. Popular trends include Blue Orchid and Laughin to The Bank.

Glowing Cuticles 

The electric colors are hard to miss on the cuticles. Nars in Night Out is considered a leader in this trend. 

Slime Green 

Slime green is growing in popularity because many people point out how the shade blends in with many different outfits. The Stencil Me In polish is widely used. 


Almond is considered a classic shade. The shade appeals to people who want either medium or long nails. 


Stiletto nails are known for their length and pointed ends. This trend appeals to risk takers who want to show off a dangerous side. 


In addition to glitter, many people are opting for a few sparkles on their nail as well. The combination of glitter and sparkles creates a stunning look.


Yellow shades have emerged as a popular choice due to their calm, mood altering presence. Many people who have chosen yellow shades point out that they are often in a pleasant mood. 

Black and White 

Black and White shades are currently in demand, especially zig zag designs that give people a sense of movement. Many people add gray to play off the black and white design. 


Many people prefer blankspace nails because the shade doesn’t require any skill or polish. Popular choices include pastel purple and a gray diagonal stripe

Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are considered easy to re-create and very appealing to the eyes. 

Red Nails 

Red nails continue to be a popular choice for people who want to show off their passionate, seductive side. Many people have also said that red is the perfect choice for people who have short nails. 

Regardless of which nail trend that you prefer, it’s important that you keep your fingernails strong and healthy. If you are experiencing any discomfort, seek treatment immediately.

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