For almost every citizen of New York, time matters a lot, and each minute is precious. Living and working in this huge city requires excellent time management. Each trip to work and back home takes hours in a busy subway. Even taking a taxi will not be much better due to heavy traffic. Therefore, car rental companies are extremely popular right now. Driving a rented auto is much more comfortable then wasting time on public transport. Even purchasing a car leads to multiple inconveniences if you live in such a gigantic city.

While the advantages of renting a car instead of sweating in the subway are obvious, some people might think that owning an auto is even better. Unfortunately, such an opinion is not fully correct due to several reasons. Parking lots are heavily overpriced in the city center, and searching for a spot to put your car might take ages. Each car also requires regular maintenance, which is also expensive, and you stay without the means of transportation until the work is finished. More and more New Yorkers start to choose Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, or Range Rover Vogue hire. These models are excellent for driving around a busy city like New York.

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The Advantages of Renting from RealCar

RealCar is a high-quality and reliable service that offers numerous benefits:

  •  Supreme car models – in the fleet, you can find such premium models as Jaguar, Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes, and others;
  •  Easy delivery – a representative of the company will deliver your car to any place you choose, whether it is your house or a spot in the city;
  •  Transparent pricing – the prices are fair and competitive since you pay only for the service itself and for the gas you have used. You receive an insured, clean, and fueled car. You only have to return it in the same condition and pay for the fuel used.
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