There are numerous idyllic destinations in the Indian Ocean leading them to a luxury yacht charter vacation. Some of the exotic vacations are available at hefty prices as well. There are some 115 islands and islets that belong to Seychelles in the rural corridors of Sri Lanka. There is a wealth of possibilities for expeditions by group holiday tours and also for couples.

Whilst it might not be like sailing the Amalfi Coast in Italy, There is magnificent scenery along with some stunning white-sand beaches to explore as well. If you are planning on hiring a luxury yacht charter or a complete travel package instead, look no further than the Indian Ocean this year.

Famed for the Natural Beauty of Seychelles

Quiet and serene, the Seychelles is a spot undisturbed by the overpopulation of the city. The coastal corridor and the beaches are wonderful locations for a nice vacation. It is great for solo travel as well as for family trips. Approaching the destination on a yacht charter is an ideal way to explore the nearby islands.

  • There are several iconic dive sites in the area.
  • Anse Lazio is perhaps the most celebrated beach on this island and probably the most photographed too.
  • The beaches and beach houses are a short distance from these dive sites making the travel short and kid-friendly at the same time.

For most parts the prices of travel packages in and around the island are reasonable but with customized luxury travel packages the charges will depend on the customizations, routes planned, several days and so on. You can add gourmet food, diving, and watersports as well.

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Planning a Charter Yacht in Advance

No matter which part of the island you’re interested in exploring there is something to wonder. There are a few places that have to include making this a nice fulfilling trip. The best superyachts available in the region can often meet the destination requirements as well as the length of the stay. As a wonderfully diverse region, this is a spot not limited to the local population but foreign tourists as well.

  • The Indian Ocean has spots like Mauritius and various spots are open round the year.
  • May is a great time on average but the time between December to March is great for the Maldives.
  • Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka are some of the places where you can start your journey.
  • The superyacht and luxury travel packages are available across these places.

The meeting point of most yacht charters in Mauritius, and along with being an outstanding destination, this is also a spot where you will find it surrounded by indigo blue waters. The leading attraction of Mauritius is its local culture and ethnic population. The villages that occupy the mainland are something people like to walk around, drive around and explore. With conveniently located anchorages, this is one great spot for overnight stays and gazing at the starry skies.

Booking a luxury yacht charter in the Indian Ocean is one of the best ways to spend your upcoming holiday even more when you can customize as per your taste.

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