After 20 years of banning it… Madonna releases a video clip about the Iraq war

Madonna releases a video clip about the Iraq war

International singer Madonna has released the original music video for the song “American Life”, which was cancelled 20 years ago due to its content about the Iraq war.

Over 5 minutes, models appear in military uniforms, and behind them, on a large screen, several scenes that embody war victims, including children and women

The video sheds light on the extreme violence that was used in the war, as some of the victims, who represent Iraqis, show amputated limbs.

The video also showed on-screen pictures of the real war victims, before Madonna went offstage with a tank and threw a grenade at everyone who was on the runway.

Madonna had previously explained that the filming took place before the war, but she decided not to broadcast the video at that time due to sensitivity and out of respect for the armed forces .

Controversial clips have spread through social media in the latest version, such as a picture of a George W. Bush look-alike who holds a grenade and lights his cigarette with it at the end of the show.

However, it seems that this shot was deleted from the video, due to the hidden and thorny messages it indicates, which may cause controversy in American society, a large part of which rejected the idea of ​​war.

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