Madonna’s appearance at the “Grammy” party shocked the audience

Madonna's appearance at the Grammy

The appearance of the Queen of Pop Madonna at the Grammy Awards ceremony was a great shock to the viewers, who expressed their surprise on the communication platforms to see her in a different appearance than they used to see in the past years, due to the many plastic surgeries that she resorted to.

Followers went to the communication sites to post pictures of Madonna and compare them with characters from famous films. One of them said that she has become similar to the fictional characters in the movie “Star Wars”.

Madonna did not escape sarcasm and harsh criticism, and the public called on her to stop undergoing plastic surgery, and to accept the fact that she was advanced in age, as her appearance had become strange, and she was hardly recognizable at this stage.

It’s remarkable how Madonna is able to constantly post altered pictures of herself on social media while maintaining a youthful, flawless look that differs from her actual appearance at awards ceremonies.

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