TikTok is the fad right now, and for the past year, the social media platform made news when young people who use the site frequently used it to foil one of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, attracting his wrath with threats of the platform being banned in the United States. But that’s in the past, and the platform is now bigger than ever.

People use TikTok for various reasons, but there are clever ones who are turning it to their advantage by making use of the many tools that are free in the app for marketing their businesses. If you have a small venture that requires some much-needed exposure, then the following are some of the marketing tips you can implement on TikTok.

Be Quick with Trends

Be Quick with Trends

Timing is everything when it comes to taking advantage of TikTok. The platform is so busy that a single day may see several trends hitting maximum views; however, once in a while, an extended trend pops up, and being ahead of the rest would give you the traffic you need. Always check on the app regularly to see what’s about to go viral and then create creative content around that to increase your brand engagement without paying a single cent. Some of these TikTok trends come out of nowhere and may pass you by if you are not careful. Consider activating alerts on your smartphone to get regular updates on what is going down at any given moment.

Choose a Niche

Be about something, not everything. That’s the biggest trick to going viral on TikTok, one that many people keep ignoring. The idea that you can do just about anything will leave you with a feed that is confused, and this will be hard for people to tell what your brand is all about, to begin with. For this reason, find a niche for your business and stick to one theme so that people associate you with a certain brand of content that’s unique in its own way over time. If your business deals with LED Lights from China, for instance, then you should consider centering your content around Chinese culture with subtle hints to what you are selling thrown in between.

Prepare and Practice

Content creation for marketing is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of preparation and practice to get it right the first time. You may have a killer idea, but if the execution is wrong, then all your efforts will go to waste as you will end up attracting the wrong kind of publicity. Take your time to craft a good marketing skit and do some rehearsals with other people around to get their instant feedback. This will help you refine whatever you are working on into a more engaging production that will quickly go viral and garner countless fans who will eventually become your customers once they are directed to your main page.

Spend Time on TikTok

Spend Time on TikTok

Once you have put out a few skits on your timeline, it would serve you better to spend more time on TikTok, not just to create stuff, but to go through what other people are making to get other ideas that you can implement on your own later on. Spending more time on the platform helps you understand how other successful people are getting things done, and this insight will instantly give you new ideas that you may never have thought of on your own. Think of it as a crash course in marketing where you borrow some tips from your competitors and repackage them in your own style to increase human traffic to your store.

Don’t Disappear for Too Long

One thing you have to know about social media is that there’s always someone somewhere posting something, this has created a culture among consumers where they expect to see new content every day, and if you go for a while without posting something new, they quickly forget about and move on to your competitors. It is not their fault, but that’s how the market operates right now. To ensure that you are not relegated to oblivion, make sure you post new content as regularly as you can. Create a schedule that sees to it that you don’t go more than 48hrs without posting something new; this way, you get to remain in the subconscious of your clients.

Keep Going

Keep Going

Things may not go your way in the beginning; in fact, you may spend quite a while before anyone starts noticing you. Despite the huge number of users, there are countless numbers of businesses that use TikTok that have never been able to garner any form of attention despite posting content every day. It is easy to pack things up and move to another platform, but experience has shown that all it takes is one good post, and you’ll never be overlooked again. If your first attempts don’t pan out well, rather than give up, keep changing your approach until you find the winning formula.


TikTok will continue to grow bigger and better as time goes by, and as more people join the platform, it is up to you, the business owner, to find creative ways of taking advantage of these huge numbers to sell yourself. There are a good number of channels online that can better teach you the tricks and tips you need to make a turnaround for your business; find time to check them out and learn a thing or two.

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