Gone are the days when homeowners competed for McMansions with room to spare in real estate bidding wars. In fact, according to research and reporting by Realtor, millennials are forgoing oversized homes with large rooms in favor of right-sized living.

Then again, those smaller homes come with smaller rooms, making it a challenge to decorate and optimize. Still looking for strategies to make the most of your small space? Then arm yourself with the right strategy and tackle your small space without investing in a costly renovation. Here’s how to get started.

Go Vertical

Working with small spaces is an opportunity to get creative and go vertical. Knowing this, make it a point to select entertainment units with vertical shelving that showcases your books, keepsakes and photos while keeping them organized in your small space. 

You can also make your room look larger than life by adding a curtain rod above small windows and adding a flourish of long, flowing curtains. The overall impact makes your ceilings look higher and your windows bigger to create the illusion of space.

Play with Color

The color you choose can make or break a small room. Although white or beige can make your room feel light, airy and open, your cozy space shouldn’t be limited to light colors. A splash of deep blue adds depth to your space, while rich coffee gives a small room an intimate feel.

Additionally, skipping the small rug and selecting an oversized and colorful option can also make your room feel larger. Situate your couch and accent chairs over your rug to anchor your look in style.

Think Dual Purpose

When it comes to decorating for a small and cozy room, you need to maximize every inch of space you have. Look for dual-purpose furniture and storage options that will help keep your room tidy and stylish. For example, try storing off-season clothes or bedding in a bed frame with a tucked away drawer underneath. 

Likewise, a footrest or ottoman with inside storage is perfect for a night with friends when you’re playing board games or watching Netflix. A side table can also double as a dining space with the right chairs for an intimate side-by-side dinner.

Add the Illusion of More Light

Small spaces can feel dark without the right windows and which fail to provide optimal lighting. Instead of investing in a renovation for windows and skylights, create the illusion of light with a few simple tricks. A hanging crystal can catch the light and help scatter it across a small room. Or, shop for a gorgeous mirror and hang it directly across from a window to mimic the feel of light pouring into a room.

Use What You Already Own

Take inventory of your home and look for opportunities to repurpose what you already have right in front of you. Built-in bookcases near the kitchen can double as a curio display for favorite dishes. You can also enhance what you already have and extend a windowsill to turn into a small seat or bookshelf. That old fireplace that no longer works can also transform into a wine rack or shelving for an art display.

Make the Most of Your Small Space

Making the most of your small space is an adventure in home decor that doesn’t have to break the bank. Look for furniture that adds more space and storage, from vertical entertainment units to storage ottomans, and get inspired playing with light and color. Before long, you’ll forget your space was anything but just the right size.


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