38-year-old Gerald Halter has spent over $100,000 on hair loss products when he noticed his receding hair line and balding crown area.

Gerald started to suffer from male pattern baldness, like the %60 of the men around the world two years ago. His receding hairline, hair thinning around the scalp and balding spot on the crown have dragged him to a depressive mental state. His wife said “He was so upset; my husband has always been careful with his appearance.”

Gerald was determinant to stop hair loss before it progresses any further. He started by buying a few hair products like shampoos and hair lotions formulated to prevent hair loss and support hair growth; but as Gerald has experienced not improvement on his hair loss condition, he bought more hair loss products. Gerald’s wife said, “Our house was full of herbal oils, shampoos, lotions, vitamins and pills; all for hair loss. I think he bought every product available for hair loss.”

Gerald was becoming more depressed as his attempt to stop his hair loss did not succeed. “It has become a real obsession to me; I spent over $100,000 to hair loss products only to watch it progressing further.”

Until Gerald had decided to fue hair transplant, his hair loss has advanced to a significant degree, “I wish I did not spend all that money on hair products; fue transplant treatment was not even one tenth of the money I spent on hair products.” Gerald had his fue hair transplant cost in Monoplant Hair Clinic with 2500 grafts. “It has been a year now since I had hair transplant in Turkey; it is unbelievable that I could safely get my hair back at such an affordable price and I am so glad that I finally found the most permanent solution.

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