The delicate mimosa pudica (touch-me-not) can be found growing in the wild. It has a spate of health benefits to its name. Interestingly, the health fortifying properties of touch-me-not, this intriguing plant with a hint of the fun element, is still unknown by most people worldwide. 

Given below are some important health-related benefits of the plant and how they are being used to treat different health issues.

The Different Uses of Touch-Me-Not (Mimosa Pudica)

1. Small Cuts and Wounds

The leaves of Mimosa Pudica are very helpful in alleviating pain. They have immense healing properties and can take care of all kinds of small wounds and cuts effectively. Simply crush some leaves of touch me not and apply the juice on the wound directly. The process here may be repeated until the healing process begins and makes you feel better. It promotes wound healing quickly with minimal discomfort, pain, and scarring.

2. For Treating Excessive Bleeding in Menstruation Cycles

The touch-me-not is very effective in controlling excessive bleeding that causes discomfort during menstruation. The hormone balancing properties of this plant brings instantaneous relief and can be used as many times as required during an entire cycle. You may want to understand the other benefits of Mimosa pudica with respect to handling menstrual pain. Take out up to six teaspoons of juice of the touch me not plant and add some honey and pepper to it. This homemade remedy for treating menstrual bleeding can be taken up to 3 times a day.

3. Curing Bleeding Piles or Hemorrhoids

Bleeding hemorrhoids or piles can be treated by using Mimosa pudica in its powdered form. This health benefit of touch-me-not can be gained by making a powder of mimosa leaves and mixing a teaspoon of the same in a glass of milk. This concoction can be taken twice daily for best results. Alternatively, the mimosa pudica roots can be dried and ground to make a powder. Add a teaspoon of powdered touch me not to 2-4 tablespoons of yogurt and take the mix every morning until the symptoms of bleeding piles subside.

4. For Treating Arthritis or Joint Pain

Mimosa pudica goes a long way in curing the pain in joints and those attributed to arthritis. Touch me not has several anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in relieving pain and curing the inflammation related to joints. This health benefit of the leaves of mimosa pudica can be put to use by making a paste and applying a portion directly on to the joints. The layer of paste can be left overnight and then washed off in the morning. Daily application of the paste will bring about a noticeable difference in the pain and swelling of joints.

5. Curing Diabetes

Last but certainly not least, Mimosa pudica can be used for regulating the levels of blood sugar in the body; it does so by releasing the appropriate amount of insulin into the bloodstream. The juice extracted from the leaves of the plant can bring about a helpful difference in blood sugar levels within 7-10 days.

Last Word

From time immemorial, practitioners of natural medicines have been using the goodness of mimosa to treat their patients. These medicinal benefits have been widely acknowledged by researchers and modern-day health experts.


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