Marmaris the desire of many travel enthusiast from across the world is well known for its geological location. The intersection of Mountain and Aegean sea creates a heavenly combination of green pine forest and clear blue water. This aesthetic beauty of nature attracts tourists from all across the world like a magnet.

The main activities that the tourists love to do in Marmaris include Boating and water sports. Since, Marmaris is a harbour itself, a lot of boating packages are available. In this blog, I will be giving you a comprehensive view of these boating packages and trips from Marmaris.

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The All-inclusive Boating package

This is the best-seller boating trip from Marmaris. Because on this trip you can ride in a boat across the coastline of and travel all the famous and most visited spots all at once. For any adult this package comes at a very cheap rate of £12, discounts are available for the children and toddlers.

You will be picked up from the hotel before 9 AM, and the boat will start sailing sharply at 9AM of the local time. Thus a beautiful day will begin, the boat will sail in all the most visited and important locations like Paradise Island, Phosphorous cave, Turunç village, Kumlubuk Beach, etc.

You will also get a swimming break for 30 minutes in some of these spots. Here you can swim and snorkel to your heart’s content. The lunch and all the local drinks are free (included within the package). After the boating ends in the evening, you will also be escorted back to your hotel in transport.

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Marmaris Sedir Island and Cleopatra beach boat trip

Marmaris is a port city, is having easy access to many attractive locations. If you are a fan of history- you must have heard about the crazy love story of Roman General Mark Anthony and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Folk tales and historical evidence claim that this ancient high profile couple has been to the Cleopatra beach here in Turkey. In this boat trip to Cleopatra Island, you can observe this part of history.

Besides the Cleopatra beach is beautiful in its own merits. The topography and landmass of Sedir Island and Cleopatra beach are unique. You will only find a similar environment near the Red Sea.

This £18 is also an all-inclusive boat trip. Hence your meal and transportation are included with the tour package.

The Pirate Boat trip

People chose to enjoy a vacation in Marmaris to have some fun. The Pirate Boat trip will quench your thirst of excitement and love for nature all at the same time. This is a £15 semi-luxury fun boat trip around the coast of Marmaris.

The route of the pirate boat trip is identical to that of the all-inclusive boat trip. But you will find a lot more difference in the whole experience. This 42 feet 5 storied ship is dedicated to making your experience exciting and memorable.

You will get buffet lunch in the air-conditioned dining hall, with unlimited local drinks. There is provision for foam party, animation projection. Different types of swimming games are arranged for kids on board. A professional photographer is also there to take some memorable shots.

There is a slider on the second floor which directly falls into the sea. The security of this boat is a robust one. For the sunbath lovers, the entire roof on the 5th floor is open with abundant sunbeds. In a word, the pirate boat trip is the best experience that you can get in Marmaris.

The Dalyan boat trip

Dalyan is situated in another district outside Marmaris, in Mughla province. Testimonials from past tourists reveal that this is one of the most blissful boat trips that you can take from Marmaris. You will be sailing along the coast, then through the Dalyan river.

During Marmaris Turtle Beach Tour, you will be cruising through the Dalyan river, you will explore the mysteries of ancient Lycian Kings. The tombs are well preserved in the hills beside the river you will also get to know about the ancient city of Kaunos.

The turtle beach has one of the rare and endangered species of turtle. To retain the species you will not be in close proximity to the Turtles. But, perhaps the most exciting part of this trip is the mud bath in the Dalyan River- which is believed to provide a therapeutic effect on your body.

The Trip to Rhodes

The trip to Rhodes island is a separate tour package that you can avail from Marmaris. Usually, you will be travelling to the Island on a high-speed ferry. This package is also one of the best selling packages because it has the essence of visiting another country with historical significance and a ferry trip across beautiful Aegean sea at the same time.

For the travellers and explorers, this one is a recommended tour package.  


The boat trips listed above are the best-selling boating trips. There are other boating trips in Marmaris as well which includes Mega Diana Boat Trip, Aegean Islands Boat Trip, etc. But you must try one of the boating trips in Marmaris to get the most exciting experience.


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