McDonald’s new fully-automated restaurant No employees. Just robots.

McDonald's new fully-automated restaurant

Social media recently shared a video showcasing the McDonald’s restaurant with its entirely automated system-and not one human employee was in sight.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, this restaurant has mastered the art of innovation and convenience by utilizing robots and self-working devices to provide customers with their orders.

McDonald’s recently made a declaration that they will launch this restaurant as an exploratory trial to determine the potential of rolling it out later.

With customer expectations continuing to evolve, McDonald’s Development Director Max Carmona pledges that the company is devoted to discovering innovative methods of providing faster and more efficient service.

Carmona proudly declared, “We strive to continuously develop our customers’ experience – whether they order online or in-person. I am ecstatic that this novel concept is now part of the restaurant industry.”

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Keith Vaneske, the company’s franchise officer, enthused: “This restaurant is equipped with extraordinary technology that not only gives us an opportunity to serve our customers in a cutting-edge and captivating way but also makes sure the experience for all our guests is more gratifying.”