In the video, Meghan Markle mocks the Queen and angers the British

Meghan Markle mocks the Queen and angers the British
Meghan Markle pokes fun at the British Queen's bow - a scene from the Netflix documentary / Social media

The recent release of the “Netflix” documentary series detailing Prince Harry’s and his wife Meghan’s love story has sparked outrage within the British royal family.

In the series, the contentious duo vocally criticized and derided the British monarchy as “racist”.

In the series, even late Queen Elizabeth II and her family were not spared from ridicule. The Sun reported that Meghan Markle was seen in one of the scenes mocking Her Majesty’s bow exaggeratedly which caused quite a stir among viewers.

“Surreal traditions”

In the documentary, the American actress spoke of Royal protocol; describing it as “surreal,” she compared royal dinners to those held during Medieval times.

She further expressed her displeasure of the first dinner she had with Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, saying “I was wearing ripped jeans and I met them barefoot. Little did I know this would cause such a stir among those in Britain.” Subsequently, Prince Harry harshly criticized the amount of animosity from certain members of British Royal family aimed at Meghan and their son Archie, proclaiming that his utmost priority is keeping his family safe.

From the other side, Harry and Meghan faced extreme criticism as a result of their remarks. Piers Morgan, an illustrious journalist, sent numerous insulting messages following the airing of “Meghan and Harry” documentary, labeling them both as “disgusting and hypocritical”.

He remarked on the hashtag “HarryandMeghanonNetflix”, saying that this movie was a whole new level of bad, even worse than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He simply couldn’t fathom any humanly capable hand being behind such a flop.

With cruel words, he mocked Meghan as she continued to bear ridicule towards her father who is still fighting the aftereffects of his recent stroke, a situation which this unkind woman has not even taken the time to address.

Subsequently, there was a huge outcry from the public against Meghan and Harry where some even went as far to say that he would eventually regret leaving his family and nation behind.

Despite the harsh criticism Meghan received for her conduct towards the late queen, one individual expressed their surprise when they said: Didn’t Harry tell Oprah Winfrey in an interview that his family had accepted and embraced his wife?

The royal family has been cautioned and readied to confront their worst nightmare yet, as the Prince of Wales is said to be embroiled in an intense dispute with his father, King Charles, regarding this documentary.

A source within Netflix insider that the documentary’s content will be more disconcerting for the royals than they anticipate.

Mark your calendars! The second part of the series is set to launch on December 15.