Mercanto, the leader in Artificial Intelligence email personalization, announced the creation of Mercanto Canvas. Mercanto Canvas helps the retailer better communicate and understand their customers.

“It’s clear that Amazon plans to sell their customers everything, and because of this, no retailers are safe. Amazon has launched pharma, electronics categories, and fashion, and can inquire its way into groceries.”

In the modern e-commerce world, retailers have to innovate at the same rate as Amazon. However, there are some retailers that are strictly resource constrained and can be difficult to innovate at a scale.

Mercanto creates a taste profile for each of their customers, which incorporates the full spectrum of their customer’s behavior, including browsing activity, purchases, and search queries, which insanely adjusts to their customer’s action while adding their prior history.

What Does Mercanto Do For Webpages?

To marry the power of enterprise-class design deployment and machine learning personalization, Mercanto has announced their integration with Send Grind, a digital communication platform that helps drive growth and engagement.

“Mercantgo’s integration with SendGrid helps retailers engage with customers via our industry-leading delivery technology. Because Mercanto keeps a taste profile for every shopper, the emails can offer a personal recommendation instead of user suggestions that are based on people like your or the buyer demographics”, Elliot Goldwater stated “Also campaign production is as simple as pasting a Mercanto HTML in SendGrid’s platform.

In this partnership, Marketers can personalize their emails with tailored and relevant content, while leveraging and utilizing SendGrid’s powerful reporting, campaign management, and delivery purposes.  This is an important feature because you’ve created a good deliverability reputation with SendGrid – which helps you get into the inbox.

Free Html Email Templates

Here are some email templates you should look into if you’re trying to advertise your product or services.

Welcome Email Templates

Welcome free html email templates help you make a lasting first impression. This is where you can validate your subscriber’s decision to show value for their participation. When making a welcome email template, take our suggestions to increase the quality of your page

  • Keep the content light to prevent overwhelming them on their first touchpoint.
  • If you have a B2C company, make a new offer to your subscribers and then lead with it.
  • Show the value of your services and products.
  • Use powerful CTAs to inspire your subscribers to continue interacting with your brand.

Re-Engagement Templates

Not all of your customers that visit your page are lost. Re-Engagement campaigns bring valuable prospects into play by reminding them that your brand still cares about them and give them a good reason (for instance a special promo code or special offer) to come back to your business

  • Have multiple CTAs when appropriate.
  • Give the subscribers a special offer
  • Use the type of messaging platform that can resonate with your audience – straightforward and direct or entertaining.
  • Don’t neglect numbers on your email list that prefer to start shopping in person. Make sure you advertise to you offline customers as well.


Overall, HTML email templates are a great way to get your website started. And with the development of Mercanto, you can personalize your emails and improve your communication base with your customers. Through doing this, you’ll see your online business grow and obtain potential success.

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