Choosing a mesothelioma law firm that can best represent you and your family in court is a highly tricky decision and one that requires your utmost attention. The typical settlement for a mesothelioma lawsuit is over $1 million, and a trial award might be as high as $6 million. Your financial security for lost benefits, medical expenditures, and other expenses are on the knife’s edge in such a scenario. To find a law firm that can handle mesothelioma lawsuits with a proven track record of helping their clients win settlements is like finding a needle in a haystack. It will take some time and searching.

That said, before deciding to file a mesothelioma lawsuit, you have to know what the disease is all about and why it is so serious that it warrants a lawsuit against an employer. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that scientists believe develops in our lung’s lining due to increased asbestos exposure. If you have this type of cancer, it is almost certain you had asbestos exposure in the past.

Furthermore, the US judicial system discovered that asbestos companies deliberately put employees at risk of exposure to such harmful, cancer-causing material. Such a thing entitles individuals to financial compensation. It is where a mesothelioma law firm comes into play. Let us take a look at how you can connect with the right mesothelioma law firm.

Go For A Law firm That Can Document Your Exposure History

An excellent mesothelioma law firm will tell you whether your claim is legal and relates to asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma happens after 20 to 50 years of exposure, and a law firm that tells you otherwise isn’t looking after your interests. They should document your work history to know if you worked in an environment containing asbestos.

If you were in the military, a good mesothelioma law firm should be able to document occupational exposure and military exposure separately. As military exposure isn’t a reasonable basis for a claim, you must make occupational exposure as the basis of your claim.

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Hire A Firm That Has Ample Knowledge Of Mesothelioma

The right firm must know the medical side of mesothelioma. A law firm that can answer what is mesothelioma including its causes, ways of exposure, and side effects, will help you build a strong case against your employer.

Furthermore, they should also know how to calculate the losses your family will concur during your absence.

Know If The Firm Has Any Extra Fees

The US judicial handles every asbestos-related case and claims on a contingency basis. It means that the law firm you hire will only get paid once you receive your claim. There should be no reasons to spend any money upfront when you file a claim. If a law firm asks for money before you win your claim, chances are they are trying to two-time you.

Moreover, it would be best to determine the percentage of your mesothelioma claim money your law firm will receive after you win your case. You won’t have to pay a nickel out of your pocket unless you win your claim. However, your law firm can charge you for additional expenses, such as travel and court fees.

Contract A Law Firm That Understands Your Financial Situation

The mesothelioma law firm you decide to go with should understand the nature of your work. They should calculate the number of wage losses you will incur in the future from being on the shelf.

It means understanding and calculating the years of life you would’ve had if you hadn’t developed this cancer due to asbestos exposure against your mesothelioma prognosis.

Previous Experience Working With Trust Funds

The mesothelioma law firm of your choice should know about Asbestos Trust Funds. Many organizations have set up Asbestos Trust Funds to pay out employees if exposed to asbestos. If employees can show proof of exposure, they’ll receive money from a trust fund account.  

Your law firm of choice should be able to handle your claim swiftly and without a hassle. So, hire a law firm and receive the claim you’re entitled to if you suffer from mesothelioma.

Ask If The Firm Can Travel To Your Location

The law firm you decide to go with should be able to travel to the area you live to discuss your claim. The information-gathering tasks should be on your shoulders, nor the commute to discuss your cases’ particulars with your lawyer.

It is your law firm’s responsibility to do such activities for you. They should be ready to travel any time, even at short notice, if you need you to ask questions or deposition is required.

Previous Experience Working With Mesothelioma Patients 

Just as a good mesothelioma doctor is an absolute necessity for a patient, an excellent law firm holds the same value to him or her. The firm you decide to hire should have previous experience working with mesothelioma claims. A perfect way is to find the number of cases your law firm handled in the past. Check their win-loss ratio. If the number of wins outweighs the losses, that is the firm you should hire.


When talking to a mesothelioma law firm, you’ll have to explain personal facts about your family and diagnoses. Your attorney will have tons of questions regarding your work life and daily routine, so it is wise to establish a good relationship with him or her early on. In the end, the best attorneys are those who can relate to you and be compassionate towards you and your diagnoses.


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