Want to make viral content? Read here to ensure these 5 effective methods are not being overlooked in your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

The potential customer will engage with 11.4 pieces of content before choosing to purchase a product or service from a brand.

This means the right viral content can dramatically increase your rates of sales while enhancing your overall brand exposure.

While everyone would love to create that one piece of content that makes their business an overnight success, many wonder what goes into viral content and if it’s achievable?

If you’re looking to make the most out of your content read on for some first-class tips on how to make your marketing creations a viral success.

How to Create Viral Content

Many individuals are able to create viral content simply due to their natural creativity and talent.

However, if you feel that you’re not one of the creative types and have a slim chance of going viral based on your own artistic creations, there are some handy steps you can still use to achieve this coveted status of going viral.

Riding a Keyword

Your first step in creating viral content is to stay ahead of what’s currently trending and what information is most sought after by the public. You can typically do this with a little time spent on keyword research.

By looking into what’s most commonly searched by your target audience, you can hone in on what type of content is truly needed.

However, it’s important to build your content on keywords that have a high popularity rate with a little competition rate.

This means that will many people are looking for information on a specific subject not many people are discussing it, increasing your chances of going viral.

Supply and Demand

If you made it this far in business chances are you’re already familiar with the term supply and demand. However, this is an important process you want to take with you while creating viral content.

As we mentioned earlier you want to avoid keywords trends that have a high competition rate. Still, you may find it difficult to find something that’s unique in the Great Big World of the internet.

The important thing here is to try and create as much of a niche market as possible.

For example, while many trending searches are looking for keto recipes which can be found throughout the internet, what about those who have dairy intolerance is and need their own keto-friendly recipes?

The more you can narrow down specific subjects into their own neat organized niche markets the easier it will be to tap into the corner that’s competition free.

Encourage People to Move

Viral content isn’t truly viral content without the major push for individuals to want to share it among their friends and loved ones.

If you look at the most popular viral videos and content you’ll find countless comments where individuals are tagging their friends, engaging, and sharing it to their own pages.

This is typically caused by a strong emotional reaction to the content that makes the individual want to share with others. Humans are social creatures by nature, when we’re engaged in a strong emotion we’re driven to share that emotion with those around us.

This is known as an emotional influence. Again, you don’t have to be trained in some form of artistry to create content that moves people.

Many individuals creating content fail to tap into the power of Comedy. Comedy is an instant stress reliever, one thing that there’s never enough of.

Those who are watching comedic content are more likely to share it under their own page to have the same positive emotions associated with who they are. Remember, social media pages are all about how others view us.

Which is why many people are more likely to share feel-good content than negative content.

Try to combine your keyword and trend research with content that brings an air of humor and fun. You’ll find a much higher chance that the content is then shared.

Keep it Simple

The average person now has an attention span of roughly eight seconds. Which means you should avoid creating content that is too complex in order to grab and hold a person’s attention.

Understand what your message is and try and communicate in the clearest and simplest way. If you look at some of the most popular viral videos, you’ll find that the majority of them were not incredibly expensive to create, and didn’t require a massive production team.

That’s because it’s the message that’s more important than the mode when it comes to videos online. There’s no need to fake your viewers out, in fact, that can backfire.

Viewers want to share content that feels real, is entertaining, and doesn’t come off as a sales pitch. If you are able to tap into this energy, you’ll find much better interaction rates from your audience.

Reaching Out

In addition to video and written content, you can always take the route of creating widgets to encourage interaction between the audience and the brand.

Think of the Evian baby widget that allowed individuals to put themselves on the faces of the classic Evian babies.

Or Levi’s that made it the hottest video Trend to “jump into jeans”.

The point is to create an invitation for open interaction that makes your audience want to be a part of what you’re doing.

Working with Professionals

While anyone can make viral content, it’s important to know that there is a learning curve. it may take countless attempts at producing content before creating something that actually hits.

This is why many businesses choose to hire professionals like the flywheel brand agency to help them create content that will make a splash without having to invest too much time and energy.

Staying Ahead of the Game

So you’re ready to find the hottest trends to help you build your viral content. That’s great, now it’s time to find a source.

If you’re looking for the hottest news in technology, business, travel, and more check out our blog for more inspiration on what to include in your content strategy.

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