Michael J. Fox fell during the ‘Back to the Future’ panel, but he showed bravery in how he dealt with his Parkinson’s disease.


Actor Michael J. Fox has proven once again that he is facing Parkinson’s disease with determination and optimism, as he was able to get up immediately after falling on the couch while heading to his seat on stage to give a speech at the activities of the “Back to the Future” exhibition.

The star, who has been absent from the art scene for nearly 30 years, was able to turn his fall towards the ground into a landing on the couch to rectify the situation and prove that he could resist Parkinson’s symptoms, and soon the crowds shouted at that embarrassing moment in support of him.

J was diagnosed. Fox started “Parkinson’s” in 1991, when he was 29 years old, and he was in his prime, especially after the great success achieved by his famous movie “Back to the Future” in its three parts, starting in 1985.

This is the appearance of the Emmy Award-winning actor, the second after weeks of his guest appearance on the “CBS Sunday Morning” program, during which he also talked about the difficulty of his battle with “Parkinson’s”, revealing that each day is more difficult than the one before it, but he deals with the issue. most positively.

 Fox admitted that he contemplated suicide more than once, especially since he contracted the disease in the prime of his youth, and refuses to continue his suffering until he reaches the age of eighty, because “you do not die of Parkinson’s disease … but rather you die with Parkinson’s disease,” as he put it.

He described the disease as a great killer, because with time it causes many complications, especially pneumonia, in addition to the suffering of waking up in the morning, and the distress and spasm he feels in all his senses, especially hearing and smell.

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