Las Vegas has so much more to offer its visitors other than merely a casino adventure and if you are wondering how to keep yourself busy while visiting, this informative guide sums up the most spectacular ways to experience the mysteries of Las Vegas. If you are not the biggest fan of gambling, here are the top 5 most mind-blowing things that you can do to get the best experience on your trip.

#1 Become A Cannabis Connoisseur

Even if you haven’t been taken aback by the incredible surge of global interest in this magical plant, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t head down to a las vegas dispensary and indulge in some of the most incredible strains and edibles available. The world of green truly has so much to offer those who are on vacation from their everyday lives, so what better way to spend your days than in a daze while being blown away by the mystical enchantment of Las Vegas. What’s more, there really is no better way of enhancing any experience than with the help of a high-quality strain of cannabis. If you aren’t so keen on art gallery visits and such, you would be incredibly surprised at just how much you will enjoy these types of outings now.

#2 Downtown Walking Tour

Downtown Fermont street walking tour will exhibit all the beautiful and detailed history of Las Vegas and these tours are usually about two hours long. Rather than the all too common bus tours visitors are normally inclined to opt for, a walking tour with a friendly tour guide will give a new spin on a sight-seeing adventure. If you are keen to see all that Las Vegas is really about and witness the tallest buildings and the most gorgeous hotels, a walking tour is probably the most unique way to do so.

#3 Experience The Thrills Of Gene Woods Racing

If you have ever dreamt about being behind the wheel of a race car, the gene woods race track will make that as much of a reality as possible. After visiting this race track you will probably wonder why everyone is so enchanted by the casino’s in Las Vegas as learning tips and tricks from the pro racers here will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

#4 A Rockstar Club Tour

For those who are over 21 and have been mesmerized by vegas movie scenes of the most exciting nightlife will really get a first-hand experience by opting for a vegas rockstar club tour. From a luxury limo ride to VIP treatment in the top-rated night clubs, there really is no better way to truly experience the thrills of Las Vegas than with rockstar treatment. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about any long lines outside the best clubs and lounges as the VIP treatment will gain you and your friends’ instant access. If you aren’t too keen on a night club tour but find the VIP treatment and luxury experience of this kind of tour inticing, you could consider the thrills of a rockstar pool party tour as this may be more appropriate. Las Vegas hosts a variety of top-class tours that you will definitely want to check out during your stay to get the most out of your visit.

#5 Watch A Show At The V Theatre

The V theatre showcases some of the most enchanting entertainment in the world and you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to witness one during your Las Vegas stay. There is generally a wide variety to choose from and some of your options will include The Mentalist and The Ultimate Variety Show. The shows are all incredibly unique, which is probably the reason you definitely won’t want to skip out on the experience.

Why You Need To Visit The Mob Museum

If the name alone doesn’t excite you, the fact that Las Vegas was actually built by some of the world’s most notorious mobsters will likely intice you into paying this museum a visit. This way you will be able to hear the real story of law enforcement and gangsters involved in organized crime battling that brought Vegas to life. The mob museum provides real-life stories that are both jaw-dropping and engaging with various rare artefacts as well as exclusive insights about the ongoing battle for Vegas. A visit here is truly like none other.

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