There is nothing quite like the tradition of giving your partner a stunning engagement ring. While the diamond has been the tradition, there are a number of other gemstones that are a perfect fit. In fact, there are a number of beautiful gemstones throughout the world that are not only sustainable but more economical than a diamond.

One of the more common replacements for the diamond engagement ring is that of moissanite. In fact, moissanite is very similar to the diamond. However, it is nowhere near as expensive as a diamond. Before you stop reading and run to the nearest jeweler for a moissanite engagement ring, there are a number of things you will want to consider.

Let’s find out about Diamond and Moissanite: What are the key differences?


Before we can really dive in and discuss the differences of these two gemstones, it would help to better understand these crystals.

Moissanite is a natural mineral that is known as silicon carbide. While moissanite is less expensive than diamonds, the mineral is actually quite rare. Would you believe that is is impossible to find a large enough piece of moissanite to cut into a single gemstone?

That begs the question if moissanite is rarer than diamonds how can they be more cost effective?

Well, moissanite was discovered in the 1900s by Dr. Henri Moissan, a Noble Prize winning chemist. While natural moissanite is actually quite rare, chemists have found a way to produce this mineral in a lab, which is how it is cheaper than a diamond.


Diamonds have been known to be a girl’s best friend since who knows how long! Diamonds are actually the solid form of carbon where the atoms were able to form a crystalline structure. The diamond is one of the most expensive gems on the market in terms of engagement rings.

Through tradition, the diamond has been the go to gemstone for an engagement ring. However, there is no rule that states you must buy your significant other a diamond engagement ring. An engagement ring is simply a physical item designed to show your love and dedication. In fact, you can use any gemstone you desire in an engagement ring to show your feelings.

The Various Differences Between Diamonds and Moissanite

Before you go out and purchase an engagement ring, you will want to consider a number of things. This is going to include the price, size, shape, and overall quality. However, the most important aspect of choosing an engagement ring is going to be the gemstone.

It is important to consider that the engagement ring is going to be on your partner’s finger for life. It is essential that you do your fair share of research regardless of whether it is a diamond, moissanite, or something else. To better help you on your journey, we have listed below some of the most common differences between moissanite and diamonds.


One of the biggest differences between moissanite and diamonds is going to be the factor of price. The cost of a moissanite engagement ring is going to be highly dependent upon the size and quality of the gem where the price of a diamond will weigh heavily on the cut, carot, clarity, and overall shape.

The average cost of a diamond ring will range anywhere between $3,000 to $8,000 per carat. However, if you choose to purchase a moissanite engagement ring from “MoissaniteCo.”, you can expect to pay less than $300 for a one-carat ring.


While looking for a perfect engagement ring, you will want to find something that is both durable and brilliant. Ensuring the ring is durable will ensure it lasts, while brilliance is going to allow the gem to reflect light. While both the diamond and moissanite have unique atom structures, they reflect light in unique ways.

When looking at brilliance, moissanite clearly has the advantage over a diamond. This is due to the fact, that a diamond only provides a single refraction. Whereas, moissanite has the ability to create a rainbow and will refract a ray of light into two, this giving off an incredible glow of pure fire.


When looking at the durability of a gemstone, we look into its hardness. Both moissanite and the diamond are quite durable and hard. On the Mohs scale, a diamond has a hardness level of 10, whereas moissanite features a 9.25, which leaves it at a very cost-effective and durable option for those seeking out the perfect engagement ring.

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