When your tires are feeling wobbly and balding, it’s time for a tune up. Skip a trip to the mechanic and swap out those old treads in the comfort of your own garage with these steps, the right tools and the best motorcycle tires online.

Find the Right Workplace

Clear space in your garage to work on your bike. Ideally, you’ll have a heated shop space. Warm tires are easier to work with than cold ones, which is going to be necessary as you pull off your old tires and swap them for brand-new ones. Here are some of the most important tools for the job:

  • Bead breaker
  • Tire irons or spoons
  • Tire paste
  • Air compressor
  • Air gauge
  • Rim protectors

Remove Your Old Tire

After you take the wheel off your ride, you’ll need to break the bead and pull the tire off the wheel. This process can be tricky, even with the right tools, so be sure you have a bead breaker ready.

Work it into position and squeeze the edges of the tire to the center of the rim. Keep moving around the tire until the bead is fully separated. Take your tire paste or soapy water solution as lubrication to help get your tire over the edge of the rim.

Grab two tire irons and work the tire bead into both sides of the center drop of your wheel. Prepare to flex your muscles and don’t be afraid to ask for a second hand as you pry it over the wheel one side at a time. Lubricate the inside to get the full tire off your wheel. Be sure your wheel is in good before pulling a new rubber tire over it. Any debris, dents or cracks can cause major headaches down the road.

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Mount a New Tire

Shop for the exact brand and size that fit your bike. You can typically get great deals on Harley tires online, but shop around to be sure you have the best option for your ride. Find the direction of rotation on your new wheel. Mounting a tire backwards is a good way to quickly deflate your tire.

Lubricate your entire tire and use your tire irons to work it on the wheel. Be sure your tire bead is lined up correctly. Once it’s all on nice and cozy, it’s time to fill up your tire. Check for manufacturer suggestions on pressure, and be prepared for two loud pops when the bead finally slips into place.

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Balance Your Tires

Place your balancing stand on a firm, level surface. Rotate the wheel to help find a heavy spot. Begin by attaching small weights temporarily until you can pinpoint any heavy spot that requires tire weights.

Find the Best Motorcycle Tires Online

Review the best tire options and check out the latest Progressive 422 shocks review information online. With the proper research the right tools and killer tires, you’ll get your old tires swapped out in no time and cruise down the road with premium tires that fit your riding style and bike of choice.


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