Mozy Pro Cloud Storage Review 2016

Mozy Pro Cloud Storage Review

Mozy Review 2016

Mozy From EMC is industry-leading solution for Online Backup and Cloud Storage, and is one of the popular consumer-grade solution around, MozyPro offers Incremental backups, Automatic or scheduled backups, File Versioning, account management, and more, We like Mozy but with Zoolz more rich features, easy to use and most important affordable price, make them rank higher on my list


Starting Price: $9.99/Month

  • Nice Interface
  • Automatic Backup
  • File Versioning
  • Powerful security
  • To backup Windows server files you have to download Different Engine
  • Comparing to other competitors Mozy is extremely expensive
Bottom Line

Mozy Pro is one of the most powerful business cloud backup in the market, With easy to use and full features set, and strong security options

Mozy Cloud Backup 2016 Review

Founded in 2005, Mozy established itself as a leader in the online and cloud backup market . With Ease to use, strong backup feature, high security, and customer service makes it as one of the best business cloud backup service.

Getting Started
The new Mozy cloud backup Control Panel was built to deliver speed and simplicity. In just a few minutes, you can schedule, manage, or restore files via the control panel. It’s easy to add new users by adding their email address, they will receive a message asking them to download the client , Also with Control Panel you can Choose a specific group for each user and add policy, permissions and much more, Mozy give you remarkable control over the backup process.

Features Set
Mozy-pro-dashboardMozyPro offers an easy way to move your business and team member data to the cloud where Mozy client will automatically detects files to backup on your first run. The app is active and mostly automated after your first backup , updating backed up files on the fly between your PC and their data centers..

Mozy offers great backup capabilities. The service allows you to schedule backups and initiate automatic incremental backups, meaning backups only occur if changes to existing files have been made or new files have been added. You can also upload any files of any size, and Mozy keeps up to four weeks of file versions.

MozyPro facilitates the backup for huge data, like Zoolz Copy, Encrypt & Ship, Mozy offers Data Shuttle, that you can order Data Shuttle device from Mozy, And Backup all your data with Mozy Client, All data will be encrypted locally, after you finish, you will ship the device back to Mozy data Center location, after that MozyPro will generate a second encryption key and encrypt your data a second time before transferring any data to the Data Shuttle. The second key is transmitted to a central repository via SSL and is destroyed after the data is successfully stored in our data center,this service cost $275 for 1.8TB

The Mozy mobile app enables you to access your company files, not just the ones on your personal computer. Securely access, share, upload and manage files from iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Your online files can even be downloaded and saved for offline access.

Mozy For Business FEATURES:

  • File scanning
  • Incremental backups
  • Data Shuttle
  • Easy account management
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Share files with people outside the business
  • Set up individual permissions for every user
  • 15 Days Trial

Mozy-pro-encryption-keyOne of the keys to having a business cloud backup is how far they go to provide security of transfered files and data. Mozy actually provide different level of encryption, Mozy by defulet use 448-bit Blowfish encryption key, but also give the option to use your own key using military-grade 256-bit AES to secure your data during storage, All data will be transfered using SSL encryption, and Stored on encryption server, Servers is constantly monitored and there are additional secondary copy of your data remotely stored and encrypted to ensure there is never any type of data loss and that your data is higly secure.

Mozy offers variety type of pricing plan, All plans allow you to back up as many computers as you like for one price, if you plan to backup server you need to purchase the Server Pass for an additional monthly charge and back up as many servers as you like. For Example the 50GB Cost 19.95/Month and 1TB cost 379/Month or $4109.78/Year plus you need to purchase a server pass for 29.95/Month , extremely high price if we want to compare to Zoolz 1TB for 300/Year with unlimited user’s and server or Carbonite for $299/Year for 250GB

Customer Support
Mozy is also known for their good customer support. There is a fast email and ticketing system available. Of course, this is a very large company (6 million customers is nothing to sneeze at), so the average response time is about 24 hours. You can also contact support by phone through their UK support center response time is about 25 minutes.

Beyond this there are a number of online resources. There is a handy FAQ section and a number of online support forums. Each of these should be able to supply answers to most any query.


Mozy is a great online backup and business cloud storage no matter what your data size is. MozyPro misses some features like file syncing and the files share option it’s very basic, the price and storage space we found little bit high, on the other hand MozyPro strength was ease of use, powerful backup and restore features and the admin has full control over backup activities, this make Mozy one of the best business backup software

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