Will start deleting 1.5 billion accounts! Musk declares his war on fake Twitter accounts

Musk declares his war on fake Twitter accounts

On Friday, December 9th 2022, the American billionaire and Twitter owner Elon Musk made a groundbreaking announcement: within the coming weeks, a whopping 1.5 billion unused accounts which have not tweeted nor logged on for years will be eliminated from Twitter!

At the commencement of this month, the wealthiest individual on earth publicly proclaimed that Twitter had commenced a “purge” against bogus accounts. He then went on to Tweet: “Twitter has started removing numerous (fraudulent) spam accounts right now, so you may notice a decline in your follower count.” This significant development from one of the world’s leading social media platforms is sure to have long-term positive implications for users.

New controls for ads in Twitter

On Thursday, December 8th, Twitter notified their advertisers that they will be introducing new controls soon – potentially as early as next week – to help companies safeguard their ads from appearing with tweets containing sensitive keywords.

Twitter has clearly communicated to advertisers that it will not re-activate accounts of malevolent actors, bogus spam accounts, and users involved in illegal or criminal activities.

In order to regain advertiser trust and attract new investors, Twitter has introduced a series of updated controls. After Elon Musk purchased the platform in October 2022, civil rights groups reported an alarming increase in hateful rhetoric on the site that was only compounded by previously banned accounts being reinstated. With these newly implemented regulations, Twitter is aiming to restore security and confidence for its users as well as advertisers.

Twitter Blue

This Friday, Twitter unveils its new and improved subscription service, known as (Twitter Blue). The email sent to advertisers detailed the features of this revolutionary program.

Through subscribing to this service, accounts will be granted a verification mark that verifies their validity. For personal accounts, you’ll receive a blue mark; however, corporate and government entities are eligible for the golden or gray marks of validation.

The email elaborated that subscribing to the web version on the Internet cost seven dollars a month, while Apple devices required an additional four-dollar fee at $11 per month.

Twitter generates nearly 90% of its revenue from selling digital ads. Musk recently attributed a “massive decline in revenue” to civil rights groups’ pressure on brands to stop advertising on Twitter. 

Twitter content management

On Thursday, December 8th, a Twitter representative reportedly informed an advertising sector group of their intent to hire content managers for the purpose of strengthening their company via outsourcing. An experienced source provided this update to Reuters.

According to a Twitter representative, the company’s content reviewers are integral in allowing them to continue investing in managing languages other than English. With their work being crucial for success, this will only further permit Twitter’s growth and potential.

Ella Irwin, Twitter’s new head of trust and safety, recently disclosed to Reuters that the platform would lean toward automated content management. Despite a 50% reduction in workforce at Twitter- including those working on delicate topics such as child protection -the slimming down process had no major effect on their content moderation team.