By Thursday, Musk expects Twitter employees to either put in long hours or resign

Twitter launches subscription service

Twitter CEO Elon Musk reportedly sent a letter to employees telling them they have until Thursday, November 17, to decide if they want to stay and “work long hours” or receive severance compensation for three months.

If you don’t click on the link confirming that “you want to be part of the new Twitter” by Thursday evening New York time, Musk told Twitter employees, you will be considered quitting.

The message continued: “Whatever decision you make, we thank you for your efforts to make Twitter a success.”

Reuters read the copy of the letter, as reported by The Washington Post, which stated that an employee at Twitter had leaked its content.

Musk states that in order to achieve Twitter v2 and be successful overall, the team will need to put in long hours of concentrated effort. He goes on to say that only those who perform exceptionally well will make it to success.

The American billionaire said that, under his leadership, Twitter will place a bigger emphasis on engineering than ever before. He went on to say that those who write great software will make up the majority of our team and have the greatest influence.

After Musk acquired ownership of Twitter, the social network laid off half of its workforce.

Some Twitter employees who spoke out against Musk have been let go, while Musk himself has called for the company to make significant cost cuts and restart its services.

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