Musk is looking for a new Twitter CEO

Musk is looking for a new Twitter CEO
Musk is looking for a new Twitter CEO ( Shutter Stock Images )

On Wednesday, Elon Musk stated that he anticipates spending less time on Twitter management now that he is searching for a new CEO, as per a Reuters report. He hopes to have the organizational restructuring wrapped up this week.

As Musk was testifying in a Delaware court to fend off accusations that the $56 billion package paid to him to run Tesla was based on easy-to-achieve goals, he made comments which drew immediate fire. The Board of Directors who approved the package have been accused of being compatible with Musk and not caring about investors.

Tesla investors were worried that Musk would use Twitter to speak out against the company, but he clarified in a later tweet that he would continue to run it until it was “in a strong place.”

After former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he would not accept the role of CEO if it were offered to him, in response to a Twitter user, Musk tweeted his agreement.

“I will need to spend some time reorganizing the company after we acquire it,” Musk said in his testimony, “but afterwards I expect to use Twitter less.”

He also mentioned that some Tesla engineers were helping out by evaluating engineering teams at Twitter, but clarified that it was “on a voluntary basis and after working hours”.

Reuters reports that the billionaire’s first two weeks as Twitter’s owner were tumultuous, marked by quick firings of the former CEO and other high-level executives, followed by mass layoffs earlier this month.

In an email sent to Twitter employees on Wednesday, Musk told them they had until the end of the day Thursday to decide whether they wanted to stay and work “long hours at high intensity” or receive severance pay for three months’ worth of salary.