8 Must-have Pages Every Small Business Website Needs

When you are a business owner and you create a new website and need unique content, you should understand that each business is unique and needs to find special solutions. However, there are some things that visitors expect to see on each site – and first of all, this is information.

Therefore, any small business website needs certain pages that clearly answer the questions of the visitors – and convince him that your product/service is the best in each case.

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What pages do you need to create on your small business website? What information should you have on the main page? Do you need to create a testimonials page? Do you really need a blog on your website?

Now we will tell you what pages your new small business website needs to have and what information you need to place there – and what are the best ways to convince your visitor.

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1.  Home page

When your potential customer finds himself on your website’s main page, you have less than 10 seconds interest him, make him want to stay, study your offer and, as a result, turn him into a buyer.

The main page has to simultaneously take into account the needs of the target audience and reveal the company’s business is a brief preview of the entire site.

It is important to answer the following questions here:

• Who are you? Clearly indicate the name of the company and place its logo at the top of the page in the most visible place – in the upper left corner or in the middle.

• What does your company do? You can tell about your activities in different ways, most often this is a brief description of the activity in the banner or near the logo. The main thing is that the user should understand everything.

• What do they offer me? Take the main offer to the most visible part of the page.

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• Why should a visitor trust you? Blocks of advantages will help in this, where you can tell how your company differs from competitors, a block of benefits with information about the values ​​that the consumer will receive when he becomes a client, as well as blocks of trust and guarantees. For example, links to customer reviews, company ratings, etc.

Each of these free website templates by Weblium has a professionally-made home page, created according to the latest web design and marketing trends.

free website templates
Home page

2.  About Us

In this section, you need to give a detailed description of your company: tell your visitors about the company‘s activity, about its successes and achievements, about its features or advantages over competitors.

About Us

Here are a few ideas to make your «About Us» page stand out:

• a clear expression of the values ​​and mission of the company positively affects the image of your brand and increases confidence in it;

• storytelling – good stories add individuality to your brand;

• emphasize personality – use fun illustrations and witty headlines;

• company’s history of development – describe the significant events in the company’s life since the day it was founded: how the staff changed, what day/month/year was the most memorable;

• play around with style. The About Us page is a reflection of your company and its activities. For example, if your company develops gaming applications, then you can design the page in a game style, replacing photos of employees with the drawn or animated characters.

3.  Goods and services

In this website section, you should give detailed information about the products produced by the company, or about the services it provides. Describe the main features and benefits, add previews and link them to high-resolution photos and videos from your portfolio.

It is a good idea to let your visitors download a file with a catalog or prices for the full range of services or goods.

4.  Contacts

According to Hosting Tribunal, 64% of users will want to see the company’s contact information on the homepage. Isn’t it stupid to lose these customers only because you forgot to add your contacts or did not place them in a most prominent place (this is a website header, footer and, possibly, a sidebar)!

This section should provide potential customers with maximum contact information:

• office address;

• phone numbers;

• e-mail;

• location map;

• working hours;

• social networks buttons (this will enable potential customers to be aware of your newest products).

5.  The blog

Even if you have just started a business, there are many reasons why you should start a blog on your website:

• additional traffic: increase the amount of useful content on the site is increasing, and you will get a positive effect on indexing, grow your traffic both from the search engines and social networks;

• positioning yourself as an expert: the blog provides a unique chance to prove you are an expert in your industry, show that you are ready to answer customers’ questions, and have a solution to their problem;

• building an audience: if you regularly publish interesting content, some visitors come back to your site to read something else. Over time, the number of your readers grows;

• brand loyalty: the blog plays an important role in building a chain of actions that can help you to turn a one-time customer into a regular one;

• inbound marketing tool: you can use various sources to get your readers: guest articles, search engines, social networks, and email newsletters;

• viral effect: provided that you publish content that is really interesting to your readers, the viral effect of published materials will increase with the growth of your audience.

6.  Testimonials

According to Optinmonster, testimonials can increase conversions on sales pages by 34%.

Testimonials and recommendations of other users are the perfect social proof of the quality of your product or service.

Testimonials should:

• be sincere and truthful;

• have the signature of the real buyer (name, surname, position);

• be realistic (include some facts);

• be as detailed as possible. You should not limit yourself to two phrases, such as “Everything is good” or “It was really bad”.

7. FAQ

The good FAQ section should answer all the visitors’ questions about the product/service, the conditions of cooperation with your company and the features of the product/service.

The FAQ gives the company the opportunity to:

• handle objections;

• quickly direct users to the section they are looking for (thus, the navigation simplifies, and the site linking improves);

• tell users in detail about all the advantages and benefits of cooperation, using a simple language, which is not always appropriate on other pages of the site;

• improve ranking. The FAQ section is pages filled with content that is indexed by search engines and includes a large number of natural queries;

• improve behavioral factors, such as time spent on the site, page depth, interaction with the page.

8. Press/Latest news

There are many reasons why you need news on your website:

• a regularly updated news section is a sure sign of a fact that your company lives a full life. This increases the trust and loyalty of potential buyers and partners;

• the more often the main page is updated, the more attractive it is for search engines. New content is another great reason for a search robot to check out your website;

• company news is a great way to tell your partners or customers about new products or services. Banners and pictures on the slider may regularly change, but the information is always available in the news section;

• if you have groups in social networks, it’s a good idea repost the latest news from your website – this once again reminds subscribers about your company and unobtrusively invites them to visit it;

• even if you haven’t optimized the text content for SEO, the news will still drive traffic to your site, as they will most likely include low- or mid-frequency search queries; • news helps to re-link site content. In the text, you can give a link to the page that you want to promote.

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