How many times have you searched about any health symptoms before actually booking an appointment with a doctor? More times than you can count. This shows how much involved we are with the internet access and all that it has to offer. This is an opportunity for the healthcare industry which can use this patient behavior to their benefit.

This turn of events has also made marketers learn and specialize in the field, healthcare digital marketing is quite different from other fields and require special dedication and attention. As, medical field is quite different from others it also comes with a lot of restrictions.

 Marketers that work with medical specialists have to pay extra attention and work with concentration so that they don’t end up violating rules and regulations. Due to various constraints the digital marketing in health care industry requires more hard work.

 However, this is not the end we have some strategies piled up that will help you with having successful healthcare digital marketing strategies.

1. Build An Up-to-Date Website

Building a website is the beginning of entering digital world and you have probably done that but if you think that making a website and leaving it as it is, is the way? Then no, it isn’t. Website building is important for all businesses but for healthcare industry the scenario is a bit different.

Healthcare digital marketing experts need to understand that when people search up medical queries they are coming in a state of hurry. They have a problem and they need to attend to it fast. It may be a rising sciatica pain or extreme allergy, which means they don’t have to time to navigate through the website or read tons of words to find instant solution.

Hence, when you build a website it is of important consideration that it s up-to-date and easy to access. The designing should be according to the theme of the industry. Make it subtle with cool colors, the font should be legible. Lastly, it is accessible on every medium and easy to navigate.

2. Optimize It:

You build the website? Great! You put the right content and relatable media sources? Best! However, it is still not showing up on search engines? Then maybe what you need to do is optimize the content of the website. Hiring SEO experts or right digital marketer will help the clients build a website that is search engine optimized.

SEO/ Search Engine Optimization is the tactic to build a website that has keywords, media, and links that people commonly search. So, healthcare digital marketing would include an expert who constantly analyzes the words that are search by the people which matches their client’s need. Using these words in the content help it get on the front seats on Google platform.

Google works in mysterious ways, which will not be a mystery to an SEO specialist or a digital marketer, they have the abilities to consider common medical searches of people and using them in the content.

For example, if your client is a Nephrologist and deals with people having kidney issues then words like best kidney infection treatment, improve kidney functions, or remedies for infection are the kind of words that you need to use.

3. Include video content:

Another important strategy is the use of video in your content. Video are making big in this and next year and is the best way to optimize your content as well! When you include videos, the audience that will come on your website will feel more connected to the content of your website.

Health care social media marketing is a tricky field but as the technological world is evolving one can benefit from it greatly. As youtube is used by almost every person and now google searches also show various of content all at once when a query is searched including video content. Hence, if you include video in your websites or have a Youtube channel chances are you can get top position in Google searches.

4. Build Social Media Connections:

Social media connections are a must! One can’t emphasize enough, in recent years we have seen social media taking the world by storm. Almost everyone is present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat and various businesses has used it for good.

A good healthcare digital marketing strategy for this recent era must have social media in its strategy. As a digital marketer you can handle the social media of your medical clients like different doctors and dentists and then connect with their patients. When patients find their doctors on social media and can connect to them they feel more linked and will become quite loyal.

5. Create Good Quality Content:

Where everything is important good quality content is a must! Content has the power to ruin or run your online presence. When you build a website you must be aware of the type of content you want there. Therefore, as a digital marketer sit down with your clients and figure out their goals and aspirations. This will let you brain storm about the idea they would want on the website.

Next, craft the easy to understand content. Too much information and too less information both can bring down your content. You need to make sure you have relevant information that can attract people. Also, add call to action words that will motivate them to come around.

Lastly, you can also add blogs and little articles regarding the niche. For example, if you are dealing with a dentists then articles like ‘Diet that are perfect for teeth’ or ‘How to get rid of bad breath’ can be your way to attract more audience.


Digital marketing is one of the most important part of today’s marketing. Marketers and businesses need to understand it and implement it accordingly. As for the healthcare industry several rules and regulations need to be followed or else they can create real trouble. Healthcare digital marketing can help medical practices especially those which are independent grow tremendously!

Author Bio: This piece of write-up is compiled by Emilie Burstein, she loves to write about healthcare technologies and the emerging trends. Currently working at a healthcare marketing agency!

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