One of the best places in the United States to spend your holidays, Hawaii will certainly take your heart away with its beautiful sunny beaches and volcanoes. If you’re planning your next vacation there, why not check out these outfit ideas for your Hawaii trip? Here are ways to look fashionable for all your photos while remaining cool and comfortable.

What to pack for Hawaii

The first thing to remember when you pack for Hawaii is that it’s going to be hot. The islands of Hawaii enjoy tropical weather all year round. There’s little chance of rain and no drastic change in temperature between night and day.

Thus, you should opt for light and airy clothes, such as T-shirts and shorts. These will keep you dry and cool under the sun. Besides, a cool Hawaiian shirt from Hyperfavor is also a good choice for stylish gentlemen. For the ladies, you can confidently rock your summer dresses even in the middle of December. However, you might want to include a light jacket in your luggage just in case.

Additionally, choose footwear that is more comfortable if you’re thinking of exploring on foot. Walking/hiking shoes are the best option, but you should also include a pair of sandals or flip-flops for the beach.

Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits, since there are many beautiful beaches to experience and opportunities to get tanned. Other accessories that you might want to pack include sunglasses and hats for sun protection. It’s important to bring sunscreen as well.

Finally, pack all the usual necessities such as socks, pajamas and toiletries. Make sure to pack light, since you do want some extra spaces in your suitcase for gifts and souvenirs later on. Bring a refillable water bottle since all the heat and walking will get you easily dehydrated. Charge your phone and camera, and you’re now ready for your trip to Hawaii!

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Outfit recommendations: Best things to wear when you explore Hawaii

Traditional Hawaiian clothes

Traditional Hawaiian clothes

There’s nothing better than truly emerging into Hawaiian’s life with a traditional outfit. Anyone who looks at your vacation photos can immediately tell that you’ve been to Hawaii. In addition, people won’t be able to tell that you’re a tourist!

For the ladies, try a muumuu instead of your usual midi dress. This is a loose-fitted summer dress that is made from very airy material and comes in so many different floral patterns. It’ll give you a feminine, flowy look for every visit to the beach. Remember to add traditional accessories to the outfit, too, like a hibiscus flower tucked behind your ear.

And gentlemen, opt for aloha shirts. The bright colors as well as the vibrant tropical patterns such as flowers and leaves will surely make you stand out. You can also choose to either wear the shirt independently or outside a plain T-shirt.

Floral patterns

If you want something more subtle than the vibrant aloha shirts, why not opt for another floral pattern instead? The mini floral fabric is both cute and a perfect embodiment of the summer vibe.

Wear white

Wear white

This might sound contradictory to the fact that most people would choose tropical clothing for their Hawaii trip. But trust me, a white outfit will make you stand out in a place as colorful as Hawaii. The color perfectly contrasts the blue sky, green trees, and yellow sandy beaches of Oahu. You’ll definitely shine in every picture taken.

Stick with shorts and linen pants

These pants will keep you stylish and comfortable under the Hawaiian sun. Shorts will provide you with the flexibility to do multiple activities, such as walking down the streets of Honolulu’s downtown or hiking up the Diamond Head trail. Moreover, it might get a little chilly at night in Hawaii, so loose linen pants will do the trick.

If you’re already planning to rock a floral pattern shirt every day, make sure to pack simple, neutral color shorts. Don’t try to mix two patterns together, or you’ll look like a walking show.

Embrace natural materials

Nothing says ‘sun and beach’ more than items made from straws and rattan. A wide brim sun hat, rattan tote bag, and straw flip-flops are accessories you can get anywhere. They’ll certainly make you look both summery and fancy.

Embrace natural materials

What’s more, these pieces mostly come in simple and neutral colors. Thus, you can confidently wear them with your colorful tropical clothing without being too much.

Finally, don’t forget about sunglasses

A tropical vacation calls for the most fashionable pair of sunglasses in your closet. It’ll always be a wonderful addition to your outfit. The glasses protect your eyes from the blazing sun and help you look great in photos as well.


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