Israel is a magnificent tourist destination and it is filled with lots of fun and thrilling activities to try out. The country has a rich history and there is a plethora of iconic landmarks and buildings that you can explore. The country is very popular for its religious past but there are lots of activities that you can also try out, some of them are listed below.

Top Attractions in Israel

The Old City of Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Old City features streets and alleys that spread over an area of about one square kilometer. This area serves as home to some of the holiest places for the three major monotheistic religions. This attraction has a rich history as it is the only place where priests and monks commonly have fist fights. The best way to explore the old city of Jerusalem is to go on a guided tour so that you can get insights into all that it has to offer.

Roman Ruins in Caesarea

Caesarea is among the most affluent community in Israel and the city is adjacent to the national park which is filled with thrilling ruins in Israel. It was built by Herod the Great at around 25 BC and you will get to see the remains of the port city which includes a Roman theatre, temple, Hippodrome, magnificent aqueduct, Crusader-era fortifications, and so on. You should make sure you do not miss here on your trip to Israel, you will also enjoy mesmerizing views of the old harbor.

The Dead Sea & Masada

The Dead Sea is regarded to be the lowest point on earth and among the most unique natural wonders in the world. The sea is unique as no one can sink due to the mineral-rich and overly salty of the sea. You are going to find the sea between the cliffs of the Great Rift Valley and you should make sure you book an Israel tours package to this enchanting attraction.

Masada is a mountaintop fortress which overlooks the rough landscape of the Dead Sea and it offers mind-blowing scenery with incredible history. It is also the spot where King Herod’s mighty palace and it is the spot where a group of Jewish rebels called “the Sicarii” or ”the Zealots” took their last stand against the Roman army. It is best to go hiking here to the peak where you will get to enjoy enchanting sceneries. If you are not the adventure-seeking type, you can take a cable car while enjoying this view.

Sea of Galilee

You can join an Israel tour group to experience the numerous attractions located here. The Sea of Galilee offers rich history and mesmerizing countryside. On the tour, you will get to explore the churches of Tabgha which is the place where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount and preached, go hiking, and also relax in the hot pools close to Tiberias.

Eilat’s Barrier Reefs

Eilat is a resort town located in the southernmost part of Israel. It is located on the head of the Red Sea peninsula with its water which opens up to Egypt in the south and Jordan to the west. You can snorkel in this reef where you will get to discover stunning coral reefs, bird festival, dolphins, and so on.


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