Over the years the health and fitness industry has picked up to a great extent. With increase awareness via the internet and social media and the competitiveness to look good, more people are adopting healthy lifestyles. In most cases, fitness routines and dietary plans call for the intake of additional supplements and steroids to make up for the deficiencies and chemical enzymes to produce better and quicker results. However, there is a large number of people who are reluctant to take these steroids and for some odd reason, they associate negative connotations with it.

One of the most important steroids that are required for fitness routines, athletes, stamina building and even masculine sexuality is the anabolic steroid. These steroids are meant to increase the testosterone levels in your body and can be taken both in the form of oral vials and injections. Unfortunately, consumption of anabolic steroids is often seen as something immensely negative. In reality, unless a professional athlete is taking an anabolic steroid to unethically win a tournament, the consumption of these steroids is perfectly okay and safe. Here are some of the common lies about anabolic steroids that are busted.

1. Dangerous for Liver and Other Heart

One of the most common myths associated with anabolic steroids is that it has detrimental effects on your liver and can also lead to certain heart conditions. If you come to think of it, taking any medical drug for that matter can have effects on your liver and heart if you do not follow your physicians guidelines and dosages. The same applies to anabolic steroids that are they are completely safe if taken under the supervision of a physician and within prescribed limits.

2. They are Painful

All needles and injectable shots are supposed to be painful and usually, anabolic steroids shots are only as painful as any other injectable shots. However, in certain cases, the pain threshold might be much lower and in that case, anaesthesia can be used to ensure pain-free administration of the shots.

3. Depression

There are dozens of blogs on the internet and content in the media that suggest consumption of anabolic steroids lead to depression. This myth is entirely based on misinformation and is misleading. So far, there has been no scientific research that can prove with empirical evidence about any association of depression with the consumption of anabolic steroids. In most cases, steroid consumers who were diagnosed with depression had some history of chemical imbalances and mental illness prior to their consumption of steroids.

4. Makes Women Look Like Men

Many women also consume anabolic steroids, especially those who are athletes or are into rigorous fitness programs and need to build up muscle strength. Since anabolic steroids are essentially meant to produce testosterone in your body, which is primarily a male hormone, many people believe that it will make women look like a male. Although it is true that female consumer might suffer certain side effects such as unwanted body hair growth, these effects are temporary and can be reversed once the cycle ends.

5. Steroids result in Weight Gain

Since you are consuming a hormone externally when taking steroids, weight gain can be a possible side effect. However, that will only happen if you consume it orally and without professional supervision. Injectable steroids, when administered under professional supervision, have negligible side effects.


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