Now a day cosmetic or plastic surgery is no longer available only to wealthy and famous personalities, it becomes accessible to all. The facelift is one of the top desired facial plastic surgery among the people in the world.

What is facelift?

A facelift is nothing but a surgical procedure that makes your face look wrinkle-free and smooth. It includes lifting of the face as well as the skin of the neck with underlying muscle to make it look beautiful.

There are, however, many valid or invalid information available about a facelift. Some people perpetuate myths about its safety and effectiveness. Here are the five myths of facelift surgery that you should know.

Myth #1: Facelift Is Only For Women

Aging is the same for men and women, both experience similar facial issues with age. However, facelift surgery is beneficial for both the genders.

Modern facelift procedures give men or women equal opportunity to refresh their look while maintaining their masculine features. Over the years’ demand for facelift among males has been increased. And, there is no doubt that everyone whether male or female deserves to look young and fresh.

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Myth #2: Results of Facelift Look Fake

Whether the facelift result looks fake or not, it depends upon the experience as well as skills of a plastic surgeon.

But, the advanced facelift techniques and natural facial fillers help your body to regenerate and give a natural look to you naturally. Thus, the effects of a modern facelift are undetectable and give a natural look.

Myth #3: Recovery Is Hard and Painful

The advancement in cosmetic surgery and surgical techniques in recent years makes facelift a painless procedure with early recovery time. There is no marked downtime to recover from anesthesia. Patients can get back to their work or daily routine within a couple of days after treatment.

Myth #4: Facelift Speed-Up The Aging

The facelift will reverse the signs of aging, but your skin will continue to age at normal speed irrespective of cosmetic surgery you go through. It is the biggest myth among people that facelift speed up the aging process.

Facelift only makes you look younger but causes no increase in aging neither it neither slow down nor speeds-up the aging.

Myth #5: Facelift Is Only For Old People

The facelift is for everyone except children. The effect of aging can occur anytime due to many factors, including sun exposure, neglecting skin care, smoking, and many more. However, younger patients with signs of aging may get effective results with just a mini facelift procedure.

What is a mini facelift?

It is a modified facelift technique that provides a natural-looking lift to patients in the lower face as well as neck area.


The modern facelift surgery creates a natural, rejuvenated, and younger look. As of know you know about the myths of the facelift surgery don’t believe in people’s saying. If you want to give yourself a new young look consult the cosmetic surgeon in your area. He will inquire about your history of skin problem or medications and suggest the best treatment for skin rejuvenation.


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