Naive behavior revealed his identity .. Watch what this thief did in Miami?

He revealed his face to inspect the stolen goods before he left the place, so a camera captured him, and his identity was identified immediately, and then the police arrested him.

The thief while robbing the store

The greed that dominated one of the thieves and the foolishness of his behavior caused his identity to be exposed and then his arrest immediately, after he almost carried out the theft and escaped the eyes of the surveillance cameras.

The strange incident took place in Miami, in the United States, last Saturday, when a thief wore a box on his head to hide his face from the surveillance cameras, and then robbed the (Irepair) store, but because of greed and foolishness, he lifted the box to inspect the stolen goods before leaving the place. One of the cameras captured him, and his identity was immediately identified, and then the police arrested him.

According to the report, which was published by the American network (NBC), and viewed by Al Arabiya Net, the thief who stole phones from the store worth thousands of dollars was arrested while he was trying to cover his face with a cardboard box.

But the thief made the mistake that landed him in the hands of the police when he lifted the box to get a better look at the loot and revealed his face to the cameras without noticing.

At first, the thief succeeded in stealing 19 iPhones, in addition to eight thousand dollars in cash, and the total value of the theft amounted to $15,000 before the police arrested him.

The store owner, Jeremias Berganza, found the thief hours later drinking in a liquor store by reviewing the video footage. After that, he called the police, who arrested the thief.

In the footage, the thief smashed the top of a glass cabinet before starting to search for mobile phones and hide them in his bag.

Due to the location of the surveillance camera, his face could only be seen for a moment when he lifted the box to get a better look at the phones he was taking.

According to Berganza, he shared robbery pictures with mall employees where the store is located and requested them to keep an eye out for the thief. Shortly after, Berganza found the thief in a liquor store and promptly contacted the police, who then took the suspect into custody.

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