A “nasty” prank causes a school to be closed in America! 

A student sprayed a strange substance and injured his classmates

The American newspaper The New York Post said in a report published, Sunday, May 7, 2023, that officials in the American Fire Service revealed that a high school student in Texas caused six of his classmates to be sent to the hospital after he sprayed a concentrated, foul-smelling “wind spray.”

The student pleaded guilty to the nasty “prank” after officials with fire department and emergency response teams spent three days investigating reports of a “gas smell” at Cane Creek High School, located 45 miles (approximately 72 km) north of Houston.


For its part, Caney Creek Fire & Rescue said, “A student admitted to using a concentrated, foul-smelling spray called Hensgaukt Fart Spray.” The odor was first detected on Wednesday 3 May, and a quick evacuation of all students was carried out.

While officials with the fire brigade said that the first intervention unit scoured the building with gas detection equipment, they did not find any signs of a leak. The students returned to their classes the next day, although the smell persisted.

Transporting students to the hospital 

That day, six students were taken to the hospital after developing severe headaches from the smell, Cane Creek Fire Chief Raymond Flannelly told KHOU-11. Eight others were said to have felt unwell.

For its part, the school was forced to close classes for the rest of the week, despite fire officials’ assurances that the air in the building was safe.

The student prankster on Friday finally admitted to using wind spray, which the ad says “smells like real feces and fake vomit.”

While school principals believe the student was not acting alone, in an email obtained by PEOPLE , Cane Creek High School principal Jeff Stechler promised parents that the school district would discuss with the district attorney’s office and address the issue “within the limits of the Code of Conduct.” Students and Texas Laws”.


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