National Artificial Intelligence Strategies Across the Globe

National Artificial Intelligence Strategies Across the Globe

Artificial intelligence helps to create software systems with better performance in many fields. It is not surprising that many businesses have already adopted AI. Healthcare centers, large corporations, and tech startups apply AI, machine learning, and robotics to perform better and guarantee a better experience to their clients.

AI today is also an integral part of many national strategies. The new race consists in becoming a global leader in AI.

In this post, we are going to overview strategies that some nations have adopted to encourage the spread of AI in their countries. And if you are interested to learn about the ML algorithms that lay behind their solutions, check out the Serokell blog.

How artificial intelligence is used in different countries

Now let us have a look at some national AI strategies. As examples, we took Canada, China, Finland, and France. They have been some of the first countries to think about a local AI strategy.


In 5 years, they were planning to spend $125 million trying to attract the best AI researchers in the country and increase the number of AI professionals inside the country, as well as to conduct studies and create regulations that would govern the legal and ethical aspects of AI.

What makes Canada’s AI strategy interesting is their approach. They are oriented at human resources, trying to grow local professionals and attracting qualified AI specialists from abroad. They see talented people as the key to global leadership in the field.


China followed the Canadian lead and made its AI strategy public in 2017 as well.

This country sees huge potential in applying artificial intelligence to automation tasks and explore its possibilities in industrialization.  Other fields where Chine plans to apply AI technology are military and national security.

By 2030, the government wants to build an AI empire worth about more than $1 trillion. Promoting the usage of AI in industry, they are planning to build intelligent cars, robots, and security systems for export and internal use.


Finland with the help of the Finnish Centre for AI and in partnership with Aalto and Helsinki Universities actively works on the integration of AI in their national policies. Their goal is to increase AI awareness in the country, search for local and international talents, and attracting them to do research in Finland.


France is planning to integrate AI technologies into the national strategy by 2030. The main field where France is planning to discover the potential of AI are healthcare, social security, and so on.


As you can see, countries on all continents are actively working on adopting AI technologies. Including AI in their national strategies, they can revolutionize the future of politics and business and stabilize themselves as leaders in one of the most significant fields internationally. How do you think this situation is going to develop in the future? Who will win the race? Share your opinion in the comments. One thing is clear – whoever that be, the country that manages to attract the most talented AI researchers and make advances in the field will definitely be in power.

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