Instagram has been a favorite of many on social networks for a while now and Instagram Stories are partly the reason for it. Now, the company is testing a new two-rows display of the stories with some of its users. Will it stick?

Edit your Instagram Stories

Stories are very important for some Instagram users. Keep in mind that there are quite a few influencers making their money out of posting images and videos on these social networks. The company knows that, and they are looking to find ways to add to their own revenue stream as well. This could be a great time to start posting videos!

Some of the users adding stories to the app already edit their pictures and videos. But if you want to look as professional as they do, there are things you can use to help you, like Mojo app, a story editor where you can change everything, from colours to fonts. It will even let you insert music. They offer a pro service where you can edit your video by changing the format. But mostly, this app is user-friendly; you’ll get used to it in no time, and you can start comparing your posts to professional ones.

A nice solution for Instagram users following a large number of stories

This new visual display on Instagram would let you see the stories of eight of your friends instead of just four. Today, when you want to see more, you need to swipe the screen and new ones appear, if you have enough friends who posted stories of course. There are pics floating on the Internet showing what the two-rows actually look like. They come from a chosen few who were permitted to try it out. Though it looks great, it’s only really interesting if you have lots of connections on the app.

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Ad revenues on IGTV

Social networks, like many other things on the internet, are based on ad revenues. Therefore, it is not surprising to hear that Instagram wishes to launch monetization on its IGTV stand-alone app. It has been inviting its partners to try advertising on IGTV commercials during the month of March, in full lockdown mode for many countries around the world. These ads will be positioned inside long-duration videos. Keep in mind that some users on IGTV can post videos as long as one hour long. Instagram’s plan is to share the revenue of the advertisements playing during the video with the creator of its content; a nice way to encourage them to create more.