Do you remember those bracelets that could be locked by pulling two laces? Well, you don’t need to be nostalgic anymore! They are back and they are here to stay. The Romanian brand Balisarda has just launched an entire men’s beaded bracelets jewelry collection that will revive the sweet childhood memories. They are more precious than ever and the details look simply amazing. That’s because the fastening system is not exclusively made of fabric, but accompanied by high-quality silver. Here are three designs that caught our attention!

White Quartz Beaded Bracelet

When in doubt, just wear white! The icy look of this men’s beaded bracelet will make you fall in love at first sight. The White Quartz gemstone symbolizes clarity and innocence, so you can wear it every time you’re looking for a new love story or seek to impress your girlfriend. It’s a great choice if you approach a minimalist style, meaning you like things clean, neat and uncluttered. You like to experiment with the shape, silhouette, and cut of your outfits, which means this bracelet is all you need to emphasize your very fresh style.

It doesn’t mean you have to stick to a single type of outfit. You can even walk the line between functional sportswear and luxury. For example, go for a gothic aesthetic: black parkas and jogger pants. Just don’t forget that monochrome tech runners are the key footwear for this look.

Faceted Black Onyx Beaded Bracelet

Onyx Beaded Bracelet

This article wouldn’t be complete without this faceted design. If you like to wear men’s beaded bracelets with a precious look, this may be your crush. It’s made of Black Onyx, a gemstone that can enable introspection and help you reveal your true self. If this is your choice, it means you are sophisticated and your closet is full of beautiful clothes. You can wear it at the office, but it’s also a classy piece of jewelry for evening attire. Wear it with a velvet suit to balance the textures in your outfit, or make it the central piece in a basic jeans and T-shirt combination. It’s always a great moment to wear something that looks extra, and a luxury piece of jewelry is all you need to feel special all the time.

Hawk’s Eye Beaded Bracelet

If you don’t know how a color explosion looks like, just look at this bracelet. You may tell this is the physical expression of the Big Bang, but it’s just one of the Balisarda men’s beaded bracelets. The combination of colors is very elegant, being a great choice no matter the season.  Use Hawk’s Eye as support in expanding your horizons, especially at work. It will offer you clarity, alleviate tension and anxiety, enhance your mental focus and support you in the process of making an important decision.

Find out the entire men’s beaded bracelets jewelry collection at Discover the designs that suit your personality and let them inspire you.


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