Nicolas Cage admits to playing bad roles because of debt

Nicolas Cage admits to playing bad roles because of debt

“The accumulated debts, and the creditors’ demand to pay them,” with that phrase, the American actor Nicolas Cage justified his necessity to perform roles that did not rise to the level of others he presented and nominated for some of them for the Oscars.

In an interview with the “60 Minutes” program yesterday, Monday, Cage revealed the difficulties he suffered to pay the $ 6 million owed by him, after the real estate market in which he was investing collapsed.

 The star of “Face Off” and “Con Air” confirmed that he was able to pay what he owed and all the creditors’ claims after he accepted bad roles in “low production cost” films, and even their scripts were bad, but what he received helped him to pay off his debts.

He talked about the difficult conditions he experienced when the real estate market collapsed due to the global economic crisis on the one hand, and the outbreak of the Corona pandemic on the other hand, when he did not have the money to pay off debts.

Cage considered that the weak works he presented were his “guardian angel” because they kept him steadfast and helped him overcome his financial problem. He pointed out that he did not ask the production companies for any work, but the companies were calling him, so he was able to negotiate an appropriate return.

And “Deadline” stated that it is not the first time that the hero of the movie “City of Angels” talks about his financial problems.

And the site quoted Cage as saying to the American “GQ” magazine last year when he indicated that he was filming four films annually, and that he had never contacted the producers and humiliated himself.

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