“I have nothing to wear” is a fairly widespread cliché, especially in the average western wardrobe, which contains a mass of clothes that you have enough clothes at your disposal without having to wash once for weeks. Then what is this sentence about?

Too many things in a small space can be overwhelming. As a rule, you don’t even have to shop again to invent new combinations. You just have to try a little and these tips.

1. Basics

If the reason for your lack of outfit is due to the lack of high-quality basics, going shopping in the near future is a good idea. There are a few things that are really helpful and for very different occasions.

The basics depend a bit on your taste and your activity. For example, a high-quality T-shirt on cotton, which can be worn under a blazer as well as with jeans. Cool hoodies are a great match for different styles. And a well-fitting black jeans, that can combine with pumps, sneakers and boots.

2. Keep your wardrobe neat

Put everything out and only keep what you really like and fit. The rest goes away. Also handy: ironing. Think twice if you really want to iron the clothes that you never wear, only to hang it back and never touch them again.

3. Upside down hangers

Everything that has been put on is put back in its old place in the wardrobe, but the coat hanger hook is turned by 180°. The goal is to eventually hang all the hangers in this direction and then sort out the rest of the things.

4. Try starting from the left side

Take the leftmost item of clothing in your closet and put it on the right so that it fits into your daily routine. As a result, you will have to invent new combinations and it provides a change. After that, simply hang the part you put on to the far right.

When you have worked your way through your closet, not only you will be very likely to have a lot of new combination ideas, but you will also be left hanging things for which you no longer have any use.

5. Seasonal sorting

One thing that can help you to master your closet and to know your clothes well is the seasonal closet.

In winter, you can pack your summer clothes in two large fabric boxes and stow them under the bed. In spring your winter clothes will go under the bed. Then your things can be hanging loosely in the closet, do not crumple and you can immediately see what you could wear without thinking that it is much too thin and summery.

6. Get inspiration from social media

Pinterest and Instagram are still good sources of inspiration when it comes to outfit combinations. On YouTube you can even find tutorials on how clothes can be sewn or how you can make simple accessories.

We are often so into our habits that we become a little blind to what our wardrobe has to offer. That’s why sometimes it makes perfect sense to get a bit of inspiration and try to make it all up. For example, if you own a cord skirt, you can find outfit ideas on Instagram, Pinterest & co with the appropriate search term.

7. Get advice from your friends

On your next visit, just let your friends look in your closet and ask them to pick out an outfit for you. They will most likely not choose exactly the combination you usually use. Another perspective is sometimes worth its weight in gold.

8. Iron regularly

While looking for an exciting series on Netflix, iron all your things at once and you will be happy when you can get your smooth shirt in the morning without having to put up with an annoying pre-procedure.

9. Accessories

If something makes sense, then probably it is the investment in a few good accessories. They are the key to turn a relatively simple outfit into an interesting and high quality looking look.

So, before you buy a new piece of clothing, look for a beautiful belt, a filigree necklace made of gold or silver and a beautifully crafted bag. A scarf can completely change an outfit and a nice collar under a sweater can make an outfit look a lot more interesting.

10. 10 × 10 challenges

At Youtube you will find some inspirations. Choose 10 pieces from your closet and try to find at best 10 combinations. In this process, you’ll take a closer look at your clothes and focus on the things you already own without having to buy anything new.


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