If you thought that Kanban boards were only used in firms for more significant projects like software development and building of sales funnel, you are entirely wrong and haven’t understood Kanban boards’ application well. You should know that these boards’ flexibility and customization make them so unique yet versatile in terms of use. You will be surprised to know that an online Kanban board can also be used for personal purposes, and this is what we will explore through this blog post in a detailed way.

What is a personal Kanban board?

Personal Kanban is a type of productivity system, and this can turn out to be one of the unique ways of organizing and planning work and life events. You will have both the options of using a physical or digital board for personal Kanban as both are ideal for use. The board’s primary role, in this case, is to give us a visual representation of the personal tasks and workflow of our life.

If you are using a basic online Kanban board, it will have three stages; to be done, done, and doing. If you plan on killing multitasking and enhancing the productivity of anything that you do in your life, then using the online Kanban board will be the best approach.

One of the main reasons why Kanban is gaining popularity even for personal use is that it’s very user-friendly and easy to adapt.

Getting started with personal Kanban board

You can consider the personal Kanban system as a philosophy of self-management that includes both time and task. So, the two core principles that you will have to use here will be-

Visualizing your workflow

Proper visualization of the workflow is crucial in the Kanban system. The main idea is here is to eliminate the time wasted on reading a long list of redefining priorities since everything will be available in front of you in visual form.

You should know that more than 90% of the information processed by our brain is in a visual format. Images are stored in our brain’s long term section while words are stored in the short term section. So, when you turn your tasks into visuals, it will become easy to find backlogs, re-allocate resources, set priorities, and use the available resources in an ideal way.

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Limiting work-in-progress

When you start limiting the current task to one at a time, your entire focus will get confined to that single task, and thus you will be able to get the job done more effectively. Well, this is what limiting the WIP will do for you and your team memes.

One of the main motives of using the Kanban system is to get rid of distraction, and thus, even the extensive work is broken down into smaller tasks so that they can be pushed through the different stages of the workflow with ease.

One of the best things about the Kanban system is that it’s highly compatible with project and productivity management systems. Indeed, you will always have the option of making a Kanban board physical, but if you want to use the Kanban system in the best possible way, then going with the Kanban board online will be the best approach.

Just by using the Kanban system for personal needs, you will be able to master self-management, and thus the overall productivity will increase. Customize the board according to your need and harness the advantages in the best possible way.

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