We are definitely living in a digital world, of that there is no doubt and with the emergence of the Internet of Things and the 5G rollout, we are entering a new dimension of digital connectivity. The healthcare sector has greatly benefited from the use of VoIP technology that enables audio and video communication via the Internet, allowing medical professionals to deliver care remotely and that includes physio services.

Exercise Physiology

Known as EP, the physio can help you to recover from an injury or attain a higher level of fitness by compiling an EP that you can do on a daily basis and your local Leichhardt physio can guide you through the routine via a Zoom call. This is ideal during the pandemic, as it eliminates human contact, making it safe for both you and your physio and the session is recorded and sent to you via email. Of course, the physio would have an informal chat with you before he or she compiles the program; essential data needs to be obtained by the physio in order to create an effective EP online program.

Recovering from Injury

Recovering from a sporting injury can be a long and tedious process; the best solution is to book an online session with a leading Australian physio, which can be arranged at a time to suit you. The great thing about telecare (healthcare via the Internet) is the high level of convenience from the patient’s perspective. Start with a Google search to find a nearby physio that offers virtual services, then you can have an informal Zoom call with a qualified physio to determine your needs. Then the healthcare professional will put together a set of exercises that will promote a speedy recovery and they will monitor your progress during Zoom meetings. You might not know there is a connection between hormones and weight, as this article highlights, so if you are putting on the pounds for no apparent reason, it might have something to do with a hormone imbalance.

How Does Tele healthcare work?

There isn’t a lot of difference to having a regular consultation with a physio; rather than being in the same room, the physio communicates with you via a VoIP communication like Zoom. When you book your virtual consultation with a physio, the receptionist will instruct you on how to prepare for your consultation.

The steps involved are:

  • Download the VoIP application
  • Install it on your laptop
  • Set up the webcam and microphone
  • Use the program to familiarise yourself
  • Prepare an open space for the session
  • Wait for the call invitation

Once you’ve had a few Zoom calls with your friends, you will know how to use the many features that enhance the experience. Open the VoIP program a few minutes before the scheduled appointment and wait for an invitation to join a session. Once you accept, you then have a secure audio and video connection with the physio. The initial section would be the physio gathering information, then he or she can recommend a treatment, which might be a series of exercises, or postures to avoid.

Register with a Local Physio

You never know when you might require physio treatment, so the best thing to do is register with a clinic that offers online physio treatment, then you can make an appointment from the comfort of your own home. The website would have a drop-down menu for appointment times and once you’ve made the booking, follow the instructions to download and install the VoIP app onto your PC or laptop, then prepare a workout space and wait for the time to arrive.

We are moving into a new dimension of digital technology and the healthcare sector is transforming to incorporate remote care delivery, which has been badly needed during the pandemic.


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