Both in an academic environment and in everyday situations, problems are the unavoidable part of life. Therefore, problem-solving is a sought-after skill. Yet it’s important to remember that this ability is not an innate one but instead can (and should) be developed.

To assist you on your way to becoming a quick problem-solver, we have handpicked the best task-managers, organizers, note-taking apps, and other tools that will boost your productivity and resourcefulness.


Evernote is an online application used for storing, organizing, and editing different kinds of media and documents in one place. This includes images, videos, audios, website links, and text notes. After signing up to this app, all of these things are saved online within your personal dashboard.

If you have more than one device (most of us use both a smartphone and a laptop for work), this cloud-based app is a must-have. Evernote will help you to become more organized and improve the way you process data. This is particularly handy for students who often struggle with writing assignments and turn to custom paper writing services when they fail to organize the information for their projects.


MindMeister is an online mind-mapping tool that will help every student and entrepreneur to brainstorm, develop, and share concepts and ideas. It provides customizable visual strategies that enable users to take notes, collaborate on projects and business plans, conceptualize, and hold meetings and seminars online.

MindMeister unites users from various places in a common environment and helps them to find a solution to their business or academic-related problems. Since this is a cloud-based tool, all collected data are well-protected and can be readily accessed over the web.

Subliminal Vision Board

This is a digital dream board app which will guide you in achieving your goals and dreams. It enables you to create a vision board where you can add images, set notifications, make a plan, and even add inspiring music to motivate you.

While creating your vision board, remember to put the deadlines to all your dreams and goals. This way, you will be more motivated and therefore productive, because you will know what should be prioritized. A vision board is a versatile tool that can help you to improve yourself, your relationships, as well as financial and spiritual aspects of your life.


Linoit is a cloud-based sticky-note platform where students can share academic materials with each other. It is a great app that focuses on brainstorming, group projects, and collaboration. It is mostly used by professors but also fits grade school students. You can apply privacy settings to all your posts. Private use means you are the only one who can see them, while public use means everyone (or only specified people) can post stickies on your canvas.

Linoit is preferably used on a desktop and laptop. The major downside of this app on an Apple devices is ads. You have to pay for a subscription to get rid of them.

Google Docs

In the good old days of CDs and floppies, bringing your revised paper back home with notes and corrections by your professor often resulted in nasty surprises. Notes were bad enough in their own right, but together with them, you could get a virus into your computer.

Thankfully, today we have progressed to cloud-based storage services, and Google Docs is a king among them. This online tool stores documents and resources and is connected to your Google account. The best thing about it is that different users can make changes to a particular document simultaneously and all changes are automatically saved as long as there is an available internet connection. If the connection is lost at some point, all the changes are saved on your device and added as soon as you are back online. This is brilliant for working on a group research paper – all the members contribute ideas and put it into the file. Later on, it’s easy to edit and finalize the paper.


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