Teamwork makes the dream work, they say! But what team building activities work? With so many of them out there, how do you know which ones will suit your hard-working team best?

Peddle Perth offers a unique and exciting way to bring your team together through various team building activities. Whether you’re looking to boost morale, increase productivity, or simply have fun, Peddle Perth has something for everyone.

If you’re planning a company retreat, a business vacation, or another group-oriented trip, keep reading because these outdoor team building activities are for you!

The Best Outdoor Team Building Activities

When people think of outdoor team building the first thing that usually pops in their mind is something with nature. And don’t get us wrong, we love nature.

But there are dozens of things that don’t involve a night in the woods telling campfire stories…

1. High Ropes Challenge Course

Have you ever been suspended by carabineers while traversing an obstacle course a few dozen feet off the ground?

Sounds kind of crazy, right?

Well, these outdoor team building activities are among some of the best. The reason they bring people together and strengthen trust and communication is that most courses use a buddy system.

With the buddy system, one person is on the ground, and the other is in the trees. Before navigating obstacles in the course, safety commands must be communicated between these two people. This helps keep the challenge course safe, while also building bonds of trust and

2. 9-Hole Golf

This won’t be everyone’s favorite thing, but we insist everyone try it.

A 9-hole game of golf is a fantastic way to build communication with your team. While out on the greens, there are plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation, make jokes, and learn more about each other outside of work.

For those that don’t enjoy golfing, there’s still the fun of comradery, drinks, and of course, putzing around on the golf cart!

We recommend treating your team to 9 holes instead of a traditional 18 because the full course drains a lot of people–even the golf lovers!

3. Put on Your Chef’s Hats

Have you ever taken a cooking class?

Chances are, most of the people in your office haven’t taken once since highschool. Why not change that?

Scheduling a cooking class for your team is a great way to give your staff something fun to do, while also giving them a skill they can take home.

Cooking classes not only teach people about new foods and fun treats, but they’re also a great way to build your team network. You’ll learn what people enjoy, what they dislike, and the atmosphere of the kitchen allows the conversation to move more freely compared to the office setting.

4. Take a Brewery Tour

To show your appreciation for your team, why not take them on a brewery tour.

Traveling the city, trying new brews, visiting bars and pubs you never thought of, all of it is a lot of fun and your staff will thank you for it.

This is a fantastic way to remind your team how much you care about them, while also reminding them that theirs more to the job than clocking in and clocking out.

This will be another thing that helps with communication because your staff will feel like they can talk with you, while also respecting how much you care.

If you want to get really crazy, you could do a group destination trip and visit the bars in a totally different city! Like Sydney or Melbourne! For information on that, you can browse more here!

5. Spa Day!

After a long week or month of hard work. After your team smashes the goals you set before them. After accomplishing the big project, why not take your team the rejuvenation treatment they deserve?

A trip to the spa lets your team know that you care about their mental and physical health. For hard work, you award-worthy experiences.

A spa day can be a fun group outing, especially if done on a workday. It allows people to relax (because it’s the spa!) and enjoy each other’s company because instead of sitting in the office chair, they’re about to be resting on a massage table.

Get those knots and kinks worked out of your staff for all the work they’ve put in for you!

6. Get Ready To Laugh

It’s a Friday night, your team put in hard work. The weekend is here, how can you reward them?

Some may already have plans, that’s fine, but one idea you can put on the calendar is to treat your team to a night at the comedy club.

Studies show that laughing brings people together, why not reward your team with some?

The comedy club is a great way to unwind after a long or stressful work week. It helps people remember to laugh and enjoy the little things in life. Rewarding your team with this will kick them off to a restful weekend so that when Monday rolls around, they’re ready to kick some butt at work. 

7. Boat Cruise

One of the big ones in our opinion.

Taking the time to treat your team to a day out on a boat sends waves of meaning.

People can enjoy suntanning on the yacht deck or drinks in the lounge. And as nice as it is for them, it builds in status for your company as well.

A boat day can show people how great it is to work for you, and thus when they return to the offices they’ll want to put even more hard work forward.

By renting a private yacht charter in Puerto Aventuras, where you can eat delicious food or even have a small beer party at the inbuilt bar, or just keep it simple and enjoy the sunset. Either way, your team will grow stronger.   

More Outdoor Team Building Activities

We hope this list of seven wet your whistle because there are endless outdoor team building activities! For more ideas, feel free to swing over to our blog page where we have content on things both indoors and out.

If you don’t see something there, or want us to feature a list on another topic that interests you, feel free to reach out and contact us! We’d love to hear from you and are happy help you get the best out of life!