7 Go-To Outfit Ideas for When You Have Nothing to Wear


Women know the struggle of picking an outfit every day. No matter how many clothes you have in your wardrobe, you will always find it challenging to choose one. However, sometimes you really do have nothing new to wear, and you are faced with an existential crisis. Sometimes you cannot find the outfit that goes with your mood, and sometimes there is nothing unique in your wardrobe.

However, some outfit combinations are foolproof and will save the day. No matter when you wear them, you can always rock them. These outfits don’t have to be impressive or trendy. The goal is to put together some pieces that look simple and elegant at the same time. As long as you have those key pieces in your closet, you will always have an outfit to wear!

1. Little Black Dress

If you don’t have a little black outfit in your closet, then how have you been surviving up till now? LBD is a must-have when it comes to clothes. It has the perfect color (black) which goes on any occasion and looks just as graceful. The dress is not an evening gown, but a short dress, which makes it suitable for almost any event. Whether it is a formal event at work or a wedding or a birthday party, you will be able to carry this dress with grace and poise.

Little Black Dress

You can create different looks with a short black dress, depending on the event and the way you choose to style it. Just by changing the jewelry, and wearing your hair differently, you can change the entire look.

2. T-Shirt and Jeans

When we talk about go-to outfits, it’s not possible that we don’t mention the classic jeans and a t-shirt. This is an outfit that everyone can wear as we all have jeans and shirt in our collection.

It is the ideal casual outfit to wear when you are unable to decide any other outfit. You can wear it on any occasion if you choose the right kind of t-shirt. You can make a lot of variations to your look. These variations depend on the color and cut of your shirt or jeans. For example, if you are going for high waist jeans, then you should tuck in your shirt. If you are wearing slim-fit jeans, then a cropped t-shirt would look best with it.

T-Shirt and Jeans

Wear matching heels and accessories or keep it casual with sandals and sunglasses. If you want to go for a funky look, go for a printed t-shirt. You can easily get bold t-shirt printing and embroidery online. All you need is a good pair of jeans, and it will prove useful in the years to come.

3. Simple Dress and a Coat

In winters, you have the advantage of wearing a good coat or jacket on top of your dress. A good coat will complete your look and will complement the dress you are wearing under it.

Simple Dress and a Coat

If you require a covered up look, then a simple dress with a thigh length coat will not fail you. A tan trench coat has always been very trendy and stylish. A basic black coat may not look as quirky, but it also serves the purpose. If the weather is cold, wear some tights and knee length leather boots. In warmer weather, a short skirt will look great.

4. Striped Shirt

Striped shirts look amazing, but they have to be worn in a specific way. Whether you choose to wear shorts or pants with a striped shirt, they need to be plain.

Striped Shirt

For summer, a striped shirt with denim shorts looks voguish. For a casual day out, you cannot put together a better outfit. A navy colored striped t-shirt is a classic and my personal favorite. It will look great styled in different kinds of ways. If you are going on a beach trip, wear a striped shirt and shorts. To match the vibe of the beach, wear a straw hat and flip flops. If you are going out for shopping, leather sandals will look great.

5. Blouse with Tailored Pants

This is another one of my favorite outfits, and I would wear it every day if I could! Nothing looks more stylish and intimidating than a blouse worn with tailored pants. This outfit combination is suitable for both day and night-time events.

Blouse with Tailored Pants

You should at least have one silk blouse and a pair of tailored pants. If you want a simple office-friendly look, wear your blouse buttoned up with a cardigan. In case, you have to go to an evening party straight from the office, unbutton the top buttons and create a blingy look. You can wear flats or heels, depending on where you are going.

6. Floral Dress

Floral dresses have made a comeback and are quite trendy this season. A floral dress has become a sort of wardrobe staple nowadays. The specialty of a floral dress is that you can wear it alone or pair it with something else; it will look fantastic either way. Wear your dress with a blazer, leather jacket, or a denim jacket. If you don’t love floral prints, then you can choose a patterned dress instead.

Floral Dress

7. Black Skirt and a Tank Top

Just like the little black dress, a black skirt is a must-have for any woman. If you have a plain tank top and a black skirt, you have nothing to worry about. Your tank top can act as the base for different outfit combinations.

Black Skirt and a Tank Top

If you have yet to buy a black skirt, choose a style and length that suits your body. From there, it will be easy for you to pair it with a tank top and accessories. Wear your skirt with a tank top, and choose a small clutch for a stylish evening look. If you want to add some bling, wear matching heals. If you are going to a more retro look, wear a swing jacket and t-bar flats.

With these outfit ideas, you will always have something stylish to wear! Have an amazing day!


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