Does your heart beat fast when you cross the rocky cliff looking at the steep slope mountain? If that is what dreads you the most, you are suffering from the fear of flying or in scientific terms you are prone to acrophobia!

Like for many bungee jumping is fun, for others, it’s the worst nightmare. Whether its just a mild fluttering or you are suffering from full panic attacks, here are some tips to help you, if you suffer from the fear of heights.

But before, there’s another term called ‘vertigo’ that is also confused with the fear of heights.

Vertigo is nothing but a psychological phenomenon in which, people are often confused by the signals sent by their vision and the inner ear. For instance, if you care yourself in a glass cabin with your feet firmly in the mirror, your eyes will create an illusion that you are in the vacuum making you fearful about your position.

However, fear of heights or acrophobia is completely different. It’s a real phobia, different from the illusion or anything. Like any other phobia, it can be difficult and can be irrational to treat, but not impossible to cure. There is much fear of heights treatment that helps people deal with them.

Have a look at some tips:

Know Your Enemy:

In some cases, the fear of heights is completely absurd. However, it’s also important for the human’s instinctual mechanism to enforce everyone to have a mild phobia or in a mild form. So, know to which extent you fear of heights. Is it vertigo, Bathmophobia (fear of slopes and stairs), Climacophobia (fear of climb, slope), or mere Aerophobia (fear of airports and airplanes).

Stay Relaxed And Fight With Your Fear:

Just remind yourself to practice breathing habits, if anything inappropriate happens. Try to keep your negative thoughts at bay. Assure that you are safe and nothing bad will happen. Fill your mind and brain with positive thoughts only and stay happy.

Try To Keep Stimulants At Corner:

Don’t include stimulants like energy drinks, caffeine, foods with high sugar content in your diet. These foods enhance the feeling of fear in the body, so try to curb them.

Don’t Think Of Past:

Anything can intrinsic the phobia in you, be it something from your past life. Maybe you had a fall from a height when you were young, or something dreadful happened to you from a height. Don’t think about these experiences. Focus on your current state and situation of height where you are and forget the past.

Take On The Challenges:

Instead of staying on the ground, face your fears! Take baby steps; try looking down from the window of your house to curb your fear. Start from a peek like studying in the balcony or wandering into your office and gradually move to the higher to the ground.

Change Your Perspective:

If you find yourself in a dreaded situation, where you feel uncomfortable, take a look around the people and try to bring positive thoughts in your mind. Put up questions like, if they are not falling, how will you? You can also seek help from the professional to clear your doubts. Further, you have to be determined, if you want to win over your fear. At first, it might be difficult for you, but gradually you will achieve.

Trust People:

Talk with people close to you, tell them your fear of heights. If you start facing your fear with someone you trust, you will beat your phobia in the future. Friends and family can offer you support and can comfort you. And the best part, you trust them!

Dealing with fears is no shame! If you are suffering from the one, face it and treate it!


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