Our day to day lives have quickly become all about the “go, go, go.” We are constantly trying to decide the next best step to take as we’re grinding through our lives on autopilot. The workload lined with personal responsibilities often become blurred and can take a toll on mental and physical health. Hence, why it’s crucial to set aside valuable “you” time away from professional or personal issues and deadlines in order to gain back some control that outside forces have taken.

Here are five simple steps in creating a therapeutic and rejuvenating atmosphere for bettering yourself.

1. Eat Your Feelings

Food is the way to our hearts, especially when we’re exhausted and in need of a little pick me up. Ordering your favorite take out can become the most luxurious part of your day, especially if you don’t eat out often. Another great option is dressing up and going out to your favorite nice restaurant. There can be nothing quite like feeling pampered from a special meal and not having to worry about cleaning up. Order a few glasses of your drink of choice and let people wait on you for a change, and even order the rich dessert you’ve had your eye on.

2. Bathe Your Worries Away

Sometimes all we want to do after a long day is to soak in a hot bath, close our eyes, and let our troubles steam away. Bathing is an amazing way to distress, so try to make an entire night out of it! Begin with setting the mood with some of your favorite smelling candles, adding calming music to accompany. Take off your makeup, tie your hair up in a bun, and grab a soft towel and robe for after. You can take a book in with you for further relaxation, or you can just soak, focusing on the soft music and calm lighting. Clearing your mind and turning off for a bit can make all the difference.

3. Feel a Little Prettier

Everyone enjoys a little pamper session once in a while, and it’s proven that taking care of your physical appearance can make you happier and improve your mental state. Looking beautiful correlates to feeling beautiful, so take little shame in wanting to take care of your appearance and even try something new once in a while. One great way to give yourself a fresher look is to revamp your hairstyle, whether that’s a haircut, highlights, coloring, or extensions. Nowadays there are various hair salons that take bookings through their website with an abundance of information for a faster and more reliable pamper experience. Remember, always try to make little moments like a haircut a priority for yourself no matter how busy you become!

4. Plan a Night Out

After a long week, letting your hair down with a fun night out with friends can really hit the spot. Whether it’s going out drinking, live music, or dinner and a movie, spending time with people that let you be yourself and who bring out the fun side in you is time well spent. It’s also key to plan out certain special events with friends every once in a while to physically get out of your daily routine with people you enjoy traveling with. This also goes for trips and nights out with your significant other!

5. You, Yourself, and You time

To pamper oneself can mean a lot of different things for people, but make sure to find some time out of your week for some valuable alone time. Read a book, catch up on a TV show you like, listen to music, bake! As long as you’re engaging in something that interests you, while also mentally rejuvenating away from any pressing responsibilities. It’s quite healthy to learn how to spend time with yourself, so try to enjoy it as best as you can.

Giving yourself a break should be encouraged and prioritized. It can become easy to get stuck in a continuous cycle of work and responsibilities that can seem never ending, but following these simple steps can help you take a second to breathe. Indulging in something that makes you feel good is never a loss of time, nor should it be considered secondary. Your mental health needs days like these, to reset and clear yourself of any negative energy weighing you down. Also, keep in mind that everyone’s idea of a break is different, so find a tip that correlates best for you and make it your own.


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