Baby and Parenting

Being a parent is one of the most amazing feelings anyone can experience in his/her life. There is a natural instinct that seems to come to a new parent, however still they need to learn a lot and read a lot in order to be the good parents, they shouldn’t be the perfect one, just do their best.
The most important thing that any parent can give their child, is a sense of being loved.


Fishing With Children

4 Things to Consider When Fishing With Children

There are so many different things that a parent can do when trying to connect with their children. Finding a fun thing to do...
Kids Dancewear

6 Ways to Get Your Kids Dancewear For Their Lessons On a Budget

Have your kids caught the dancing bug and want lessons? Aside from the price of the classes themselves, a crucial aspect that you will...
Ways to Spend Time with Your Family

Sunday Funday: 5 Ways to Spend Time with Your Family

We live in a demanding modern world. Yes, technology is way more advanced, work from home jobs are the norm, but still, family time...
Underage Smoking

Underage Smoking – What Parents Need to Know About!

Underage smoking has turned out to be the biggest concern in Australia and many countries across the world. The college-goer boys and girls start...
Easy Rules of Parenting

15 Easy Rules of Parenting

Parents are always trying to figure out what they can do better. They put so much pressure on themselves and struggle to accept the...
Saving on School Lunch

5 Tips For Saving on School Lunch

For children, lunch at school provides a much needed break from classes and a bit of uninterrupted socializing. Though most parents don’t pay it...
baby thermometer

Things to know before buying a baby thermometer

Parents are always conscious about their child health. For that purpose, they keep their first aid box maintained. In any case, an infant or...
Parents are so baffled by technology and gadgets

Parents Are So Baffled By Technology And Gadgets

From mobile screens to laptops to projector screens in classrooms, I feel that the ‘screen-time’ my child is exposed to, is far too much...

Why It’s Important for Kids to Spend Time With Their Grandparents

Whether it’s the stories they’d tell, the food they’d cook or the hugs they’d give, most of us will have lot of happy memories...
Best way to hold a baby

Best way to hold a baby

Experiment with different ways to hold your baby until you find the one he likes best. He will signal that he feels good by...

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