“I felt like I was going to vomit.” Paris Hilton talks about her sex tape experience

Paris Hilton talks about her sex tape experience

Nearly two decades ago, businesswoman and former reality TV star Paris Hilton opened up about the situation in which her ex-boyfriend’s sex tape was leaked.

Hilton, at 42 years old, wrote about her fear and dread in excerpts from her diary published by The Times. She recounts that she felt like she was going to be physically ill when faced with the situation – an experience which was absolutely unfathomable for her.

In 2003, shortly after breaking up with her then-boyfriend Rick Salmon, the businesswoman heiress of the renowned “Hilton” hotel empire found herself in a difficult situation when an incriminating tape was leaked by her ex.

In her memoirs, she recalled the moment when she heard about the leaked tape. Quickly calling him, she pleaded with him to cease this situation; however he replied that due to her rising popularity there was a “great financial value” in releasing it – contradicting his previous promise of protecting their privacy.

She remembers the immense psychological harm to her parents and her reputation due to people labeling her a “whore” instead of an “icon” after they watched the sex tape.

On the evening of the shoot, he made her feel intense pressure to comply and reiterated that only they two were present. He even threatened to replace her if she failed to cooperate, which made her fear being discarded as a naive young person unable to handle an adult situation.

Recently, in an interview she divulged the story of being drugged and violated by a man when she was only a teen.

In 2020, Paris Hilton released a new documentary on her YouTube page entitled “This is Paris.” The film reveals the traumatic experience of being physically and mentally abused as a teenager in boarding school. Today, she works tirelessly to close this educational facility for good.

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