Particular Places to Sell EJ Gift Cards and Get Cash


The value of a gift card should not be wasted. Sometimes you get gift cards as a reward for shopping for a certain amount. But unfortunately, you don’t go to a particular shop, where you can grab the benefits of the gift card. Maybe you do not like to eat at that restaurant anymore, where you can use the gift card. But there is some simplest way to get the value of this type of reward. You can sell your unused gift card to get full value. And with this option, you need not lose your money.

EJ Gift Cards

This gift card dealer website offers simple and quick methods to sell physical and e-gift cards, which are applicable in retail industries including movie theaters, jewellery, as well as electronic stores, departmental stores, pet and auto parts stores, supermarkets etc. You only need to enter the brand, balance and the specific code of your gift card. The online system of EJ will verify this information and then you will get an offer to sell gift cards.Generally, after verification, this is not necessary to send your physical gift card. This site offers two payment options: Paypal or Crypto currency.


This is also a reputed and reliable marketplace, where you can grab the best value selling gift cards. It offers brand listings for free. You only need to set the price. Raise works as a third party to execute the transaction. While you sell your unused gift cards through Raise, it collects the amount from the buyer and forwards your value through a check, PayPal Funds or direct deposit of ACH after deduction of 15% of the value amount.

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What are the Options to Convert Gift Cards into Cash?

  • You can check several reliable websites, which offer you golden scopes to get return cash through selling unwanted gift cards. Among these reputed websites, some have lucrative offers. You can avail of these offers and mail your gift card for receiving prepaid postage. having a digital gift card you can access these types of facilities immediately.
  • Using an app with good ratings is also a wise decision. This option provides you with more accessibility to the best facilities for selling gift cards. Only you need to download the app, enter the card details and select the options for payment – through check or PayPal. The app authority will deduct 15% of the gift card value as the commission of the transaction.
  • Creating a listing for your gift card on the e-commerce website is also a good decision. If you want to get the value of your gift card by selling it to a website, then you need to select a preferable gift card list on reputed websites like Craigslist or eBay. These websites generally take a fixed percentage for the selling of your gift cards.
  • If you want to grab the full value of your unused gift card, then you can invite a friend to buy your gift card. It is one of the best options to recover the value of unwanted gift cards.
  • If you want to earn a good amount of cash for gift cards then you can go to Coinstar Exchange Kiosk. Nearby is the extended chain of large grocery stores, Coinstar Exchange Kiosk is located. You just need to swipe your gift card to receive the return value in cash. As a seller of gift cards, you will be able to grab from 60% to 85% of the total balance of your gift card using the offers of Coinstar Exchange Kiosk. You will get both options to accept or to cancel the amount, which is offered by Coinstar Exchange Kiosk. Accepting the offer you can access the voucher, which you need to redeem at the cash register to get cash at hand. Here, you must keep in mind that Coinstar Exchange Kiosks offer cash differently than other Coinstar machines, which offer to exchange coins only for bills.
  • Another option to grab cash is trading through Gift Card Exchange Kiosk. It is located in grocery stores. You only need to enter the particular card details into the Kiosk and then you can select the options to accept or cancel the offers of the Kiosk. Receiving the offer you can get the voucher and go to the cashier to exchange for cash.
  • You can also opt for the trading option for getting the value of unwanted gift cards. In this case, if you do not prefer to go shopping or flood to a particular shop or restaurant, then exchanging your gift card with your favorite store or restaurant-offered gift card is another wise decision. This option is quite different from getting cash. By exchanging your gift card you can collect another card to use in your preferable store or restaurant.


All the discussed options guide you to grab the best value of your unwanted or unused gift card. Therefore, you can access the value of your shopping rewards.


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