A video of passengers escaping on the London Underground after the fire alarm went off. They smashed windows amid panic and screams

Passengers were forced to jump from a subway train at Clapham Common metro station in the British capital, London , on Friday evening, May 5, 2023, after its windows were smashed after a fire alarm sounded, while an atmosphere of fear and screaming prevailed in the place. 

A video clip, posted on social media, shows a man smashing a window of a Northern Line subway train with a hammer; to enable passengers trapped inside to get out, while other videos show smashed windows, according to the British newspaper The Guardian , Friday, May 5, 2023.

According to London Fire Brigade, firefighters responded to a call at Clapham Common station but did not discover any indication of a fire. They suspect that the smoke was caused by the brakes of the train. Investigations are still ongoing.

For his part, passenger Nigel Ingovink told the PA news agency that he was on this train when the accident occurred at around 6 pm, and a video clip was posted on Twitter showing broken windows on the train and passengers exiting Clapham Common station, and the clip was attached to a comment: “An emergency On the Clapham Common! It’s just been cleared.”

The train abruptly stopped with half of its carriages in the station. There was a pause in motion and announcements for several minutes before the lights went out. Screaming could be heard from behind. Eventually, the driver instructed us to walk to the back of the train. We exited through open doors and saw broken windows.

Ingovinc reported that he could see the other passengers panicking and there was a strong burning smell coming from the carriages. The windows of the carriages were smashed. However, he added that he saw the evacuation taking place in an orderly manner in the end.

London Fire Brigade said around 500 people had left the train before the fire brigade arrived, and had not received any reports of injuries. A TfL spokesman said: “We regret what happened on Clapham Common. We are investigating the details of this.” the incident”.


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