(video) Passengers on a plane voted to kick off a “disturbing” passenger after they had become fed up with her behavior.

Passengers on a plane voted to kick off

The passengers of the American “Frontier Airlines” resorted to voting among themselves in order to decide to kick off a female passenger after they were fed up with her behavior, according to what a passenger documented in a video clip that was recently circulated on the social networking site “Tik Tok”.

In the video, a passenger wearing a red shirt and red glasses can be heard saying in the crowded cabin: “If you want to take her off the plane, raise your hand,” according to US reports .

The passenger added, “I’m not kidding. If you can hear me, raise your hand if you want to take it off the flight. I’m not even kidding.” Indeed, forty people raised their hands. Footage then showed several passengers with their hands raised before security was called.

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The woman was then seen gathering her things to leave the flight, which was delayed by nearly an hour, on the ground. The strange incident began after a couple got into a verbal altercation with a flight attendant. They reportedly asked to be seated at the front of the plane but were refused, prompting the intervention of other flight attendants.

It seems that the woman, who was later removed from the plane, intervened in the dispute, and expressed her dissatisfaction with the couple’s request. This led to a dispute between the two parties, and they asked her not to interfere and take care of her own affairs.

Ground crew in bright orange jackets eventually pulled the couple off the flight, but as they were being escorted away, a passenger yelled that the woman should be removed too. A security officer approached her and told her that the airline could not handle a fight at 30,000 feet and that she would have to be removed from the plane.

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